How to activate Wells Fargo credit card

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If you applied for the Wells Fargo credit card and the application was approved, congratulations. You are now part of the fourth biggest bank in the USA (based on market capitalization).

You can now do transactions in more than 6,000 bank branches across the country, and more importantly, you can withdraw money in over 13,000 ATMs across the world.  However, before using the card, you must first activate it.

3 ways to activate Wells Fargo credit card

There are three options to activate your new Wells Fargo credit card. They include:

Option #1: Activate Wells Fargo credit card by phone

The fastest way to activate the Wells Fargo credit card is by phone. To complete the process:

  • Call 1-877-294-6933
  • Enter the card number
  • Verify the card ownership by providing your social security number

If all the details are correct, the card will be ready for use instantly. Alternatively, you can activate the card online.

Option #2: Activate Wells Fargo credit card online

If you have an online account on Well Fargo’s website, you can activate the card virtually. To activate the credit card:

  • Go to Wells Fargo’s portal.
  • Log in to your portal.
  • Enter all necessary information such as social security number and your address

The card will automatically become active if the details entered are correct. However, if you do not have a Wells Fargo account, start the process by creating an account.

Option #3: Activate credit card on the mobile app

Besides managing your account’s transactions, the mobile app is an ideal place to activate your new credit card. Wells Fargo has an app for iOS and Android.

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To get the link to download the app:

  • Send AND (as a shortcode) to 93557 if you are on Android or IPH to 93557 if you are on iPhone.
  • Once you get the link, download the app.
  • Log in to your account.

Once you have set the app by putting your account details, you can activate the card. Also, you can use the app to activate Wells Fargo rewards credit card.

How to check the balance on your Wells Fargo card

Wells Fargo sign up page

Apart from avoiding decline charges, knowing the card balance is instrumental in planning for your money. Whether you are using a Wells Fargo business credit card or the normal credit card, here are the two ways to check account balance.

1. Check balance via Wells Fargo Online

Although the bank has invested a lot in physical premises, checking the balance online is safe and straightforward. However, you must have an account on their website. If you have signed up on the website:

You can see the card balance, transfer funds, previous transactions, and “add card services” on your portal. However, if you cannot see these details, call customer care.

2. Call Wells Fargo customer care

If the Well Fargo website is down, contact the bank’s customer care via 1-800-956-4442. You can either choose an automated response or speak to a professional. However, for a quick balance update, select the automated response.

Where can you use the Wells Fargo credit card?

Woman shopping using credit card

You can use your activated Wells Fargo credit card in different places. They include:

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1. Withdraw money from ATMs

The most convenient way to use a credit card is to withdraw money from the Wells Fargo ATMs worldwide. Also, you can get money from affiliated ATMs, regardless of where you are on the globe.

2. Pay for gas and shopping in any store.

If you prefer using your credit card to buy items or pay for gas, the Wells Fargo credit card is the only card you need. However, you must always check the card balance to avoid decline charges to your account.

3. Buy items from e-commerce sites.

You can use the card as a payment option on all major e-commerce sites. If you are uncertain about setting the Wells Fargo credit card as a payment method, contact customer care for more details.


Like other major credit cards, there are different ways to activate the Wells Fargo credit card before use. You can activate the card via phone call or on the bank’s app.

On the other hand, you can check the card’s balance on your phone or by calling the bank. All the options above are safe and fast.

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