How to activate your Horizon Outlet card [and check balance]

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A higher credit score unlocks endless financial opportunities. But it is hard to rebuild the score after a series of financial slip-ups.

Fortunately, having a Horizon card can help you rebuild score again and enjoy other credit services.

What is a Horizon Card?

This is a card that allows you to make purchases on credit on the Horizon Outlets while rebuilding your low credit score.

Once you have created an account on Horizon Outlet and applied for a card (after reading the fine print), it is time to activate your card.

Horizon cards

How to activate your Horizon Outlet card

Once you have applied and received your card, you must activate it first. You need to call the customer care in this process. However, you must remember all your account details.

To activate your Horizon Outlet card:

  • Dial 1-800-251-6144 on your phone
  • Tell the customer care you want to activate your new card.
  • The customer care representative will ask your details, such as an address, full name, date of birth (and any other relevant information).
  • Also, you must give the representative your card’s details. Mostly you must provide the card’s CVV code and the Horizon Outlet card’s number.

If all the information is correct, the representative will activate your card. You will also receive a notification confirming your activation via email.

What are the benefits of Horizon Outlet cards?

Since the Horizon card does not fit the traditional definition of a credit card (such as MasterCard or Visa), it has limitations.

For example, you cannot use it to pay for gas or to shop for groceries at your nearby store. The card works like most membership cards.

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With that mind, you’ll enjoy the following benefits from this card:

1. An improvement in your credit score

Does Horizon Gold help your credit? Yes. Using the Horizon Gold card gives you a new start in building your credit score.

Every month, Horizon Gold reports to credit bureaus, and the reports have a positive impact on your future credit rating.

2. It is easier to buy items on Horizon Outlets.

Can you use a Horizon card anywhere? Well, you can only use the Horizon card on Horizon Outlets, which are accessible online.

The stores have a range of electronics, jewelry, toys, and clothes.

3. Cardholders have access to Universal Rx.

One of the extra perks that come with having the Horizon Outlet membership is up to 40% of prescription medication.

However, the prescription must be specific, and you can access the bonus once per month and thrice in a year.

4. Legal and roadside assistance

Members can get roadside assistance of up to $50 per year. That means you can have three calls per year and one in a month.

On the other hand, all Horizon Outlet members can get one-time legal assistance but within their locality.

Horizon card’s usability

With no APR on all purchases, the Horizon card is one of the most innovative cards in the unsecured credit market. Therefore most of the $500 credit goes to buying items on Horizon’s online store.

Can I use my Horizon Gold card at Walmart? No. However, Horizon Outlets have the same items as Walmart.

You can get electronics, toys, clothes, and shoes. Also, the card has added perks that make it a perfect option for shopping.

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Can you use a Horizon Gold card at an ATM? No. The card’s primary goal is to give you unsecured credit to shop on the Horizon online outlet.

While this factor may be a drawback to some people, it gives you a fresh start to rebuild your credit rating.

Apart from allowing you to build on your credit score, it is easy to keep tabs on your spending. You can track the goods you have bought in a month and check the balance for free on the website.

Also, Horizon sends an email notification when you make purchases.

How to check your Horizon Outlet card balance

To view your balance:

  • Log in to your Horizon Outlet account
  • Click on Make a Payment
  • View your balance under the info file


While the Horizon Outlet card can only be used to buy goods on Horizon Store, it is crucial for rebuilding credit score.

Also, the perks that users get by using the card are unmatched, especially considering the $500 is unsecured credit.

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