How to transfer money from DasherDirect to Cash App

DasherDirect allows you to receive payment with no deposit fees. You get your money in a prepaid debit card and withdraw or transfer it at no extra cost.

But many people also use Cash App to deposit the money they receive in their bank account or linked debit card.

So, if you have money in DasherDirect and want to use Cash App to make a payment, how do you transfer it?

You cannot transfer money from Dasher Direct to Cash App directly. Instead, you have to use a specific workaround involving a routing number.

The routing and account number act as your bank account. With this information, you will have to add a new account in DasherDirect to transfer money.

How to transfer money from DasherDirect to CashApp

Before you can transfer money from DasherDirect to Cash App, you will have to find your Cash App routing and account number:

  • Launch Cash App.
  • Tap on the Money tab to view your balance.
  • Tap on the Routing and Account numbers below your balance.
  • Copy your routing and account numbers.

Once you have the information, go to DasherDirect to add or update your bank account information.

  • Open DasherDirect on your phone.
  • Go to the Earnings tab.
  • Tap on the bank symbol.
  • Tap on Add Bank Account. You can also select Update to change your bank information.
  • Enter your Cash App routing number (9-numeric digits) and account number (10-12 numeric digits).
  • Complete the prompts and submit the information.

Since you have money in DasherDirect, you can transfer it as follows:

  • Open the DasherDirect app.
  • Tap Move Money.
  • Select the recipient (the Cash App information you provided).
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You can now enter the amount you want to transfer.

Cash App
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How long do DasherDirect transfers take?

DasherDirect transfers take one to two business days.

Therefore, wait for your money to be reflected in your Cash App account after two days.

Can you use the Dasher Direct card on Cash App?

You cannot use the DasherDirect card on Cash App. Instead, you must order Cash Card from Cash App to enable direct deposits. The card will work as your bank account.

That way, you can transfer money from DasherDirect to Cash App.

Can DoorDash pay you through Cash App?

DoorDash does not pay you through Cash App. Instead, it pays users through direct deposit.

But if you have Cash App, you must enable direct deposit using your account and routing numbers.

NOTE: For this method to work, you must order a Cash Card from Cash App to enable direct deposits. It also allows adding of a routing and an account number that are essential in transferring cash to other apps.

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