Fix “unexpected error on Facebook marketplace”

Tim Vickers

Facebook is the biggest social network today with about 2.5 billion subscribers.

While the initial idea behind its creation was basic social networking, Facebook has provided a huge platform for commerce.

Due to the increase in demand for products and services on a local level, the social media network created a new platform called ‘Facebook Marketplace’ in October 2016.

Facebook Marketplace provides an avenue for users to buy and sell products in their local neighborhoods in select countries around the world. It can be accessed on the Facebook app or on a desktop.

The platform is meant to connect a seller and a buyer with ease, however, an unexpected error on the Facebook marketplace can appear on your app or device making it difficult to shop on the platform.

What does an unexpected error on Facebook marketplace mean?

An unexpected error typically alerts you of a situation that requires refreshing the information on your browser or app.

Therefore, the unexpected error shows that the Marketplace is not working and it requires that you find ways of rebooting the platform as you will not access it.

Possible reasons why the unexpected error message appears:

  • An outdated Facebook app
  • You are using an incompatible device such as an iPod
  • An issue with your Facebook account such as a new Facebook account
  • Geographical location access

Luckily, should you encounter this issue there are a variety of easy solutions to solve it.

Solutions to “unexpected error on Facebook Marketplace”

If you are getting the “unexpected error” notification once you launch Facebook Marketplace, try out these fixes:

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Solution#1: Clear the Cache

Clearing the cache rids the browser of any stored information from different websites that may create loading and error issues. This will help you solve the error on a web browser.

Clearing a web browser cache is easy and simple. Using the Chrome web browser as an example, here is how you go about it:

  • Open Chrome web browser
  • Click the three buttons on your top right
  • Select ‘Tools’ and click on “Clear Browsing Data”
  • Select your clearing range
  • To clear all select “Empty The Cache”

Once you have cleared the cache, the browser can easily load your page. However, you may need to sign in again to gain access to the Facebook marketplace.

For other browsers, check their web support pages for details on how to clear their caches.

Solution#2: Use a different browser

If your browser is proving incompatible with the marketplace, you should try another browser. This can help you analyze whether your initial browser has compatibility issues.

You will need to search and install your newly chosen browser, run it to access Facebook Marketplace, and check whether it solves the error.

Solution#3: Update your app

If Marketplace is not working on the Facebook app, you can update the app to the latest version.

Facebook puts out new updates every month which are meant to improve the app. By using an updated app, you will avoid any technical difficulties such as an unexpected error.

To update your app, visit your app store which is the Play Store for Android users, or App Store for Apple devices, and install the latest updates.

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Solution#4: Uninstall and Reinstall the app

To solve the unexpected error, you can uninstall your Facebook app and then reinstall it afresh.

This can be done by visiting the App Store for Apple devices or the Play Store if you are experiencing the “Marketplace unexpected” error on Android.

After you have successfully reinstalled your app, open it to access Marketplace and check whether the error has been solved.


The unexpected error on Facebook Marketplace should not dampen your shopping spirit. You can apply the above solutions to solve it easily and fast.

Whether it occurs on your browser or on the app, you can try the solutions and hopefully find one that will help you solve the error.

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