How to turn on/off or reset an Owlet Sock

Tim Vickers

The Owlet Sock is a fabric-based device wrapped around the feet of newborns to monitor their heart rate, sleep patterns, and oxygen levels.

The sock utilizes pulse oximetry to assess the wellness of your baby and send a notification to the Base Station each time the levels drop below the specified range.

Understanding how to turn off Owlet Sock electronics facilitates its effectiveness.

Turning the Sock On/Off

Owlet Sock on Base Station

Powering the Owlet Sock entails turning the Base Station and Sock on and off. To shut the fabric sock down, touch it to the top of the Base Station. To turn it on, plug it back to the Base Station.

Pressing the top of the Base Station turns it on or off. You will hear a chirping sound once it turns on. Place your finger on the Base Station’s top for a few seconds to dim it at night. Repeat the process to increase its brightness.

How to reset an Owlet Sock

You can reset the Owlet Sock by pressing a small magnet located on the Base Station next to the logo. The magnet turns off all the smart sock electronics in one press.

To do a manual reset, disconnect all the electronics from the sock fabric and slide their heads on the top center of the Base Station.

The lights on the sock should turn off, and if they don’t, contact technical support to reset the device from their end.

After the lights have gone off, wait for one minute, then plug the sock electronics back to the Base Station to complete the reset process.

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Why resetting is necessary

Parents may need to reset the smart sock due to the following reasons:

  • The app is too slow or not working: besides sending notifications to the Base Station, the sock also transmits information to a smartphone app that can malfunction, warranting a reset.
  • False alarms: the parent’s body can interfere with the tracking, resulting in false alerts. You will need to reset the sock to start receiving the right measurements for your child.
  • The Owlet Sock won’t turn off: if you cannot turn off the sock, try resetting it before contacting customer support for assistance.

Reconnecting the Sock to the Base Station

Owlet base station

The fabric sock may accidentally disconnect from the Base Station during use. If this happens, first verify that the smart sock and Base Station are within a recommended range of approximately 10 feet.

You can check this by placing the Base Station in one location then keep moving the sock where the baby would sleep.

If the indicator shows that the smart sock is disconnected, yet it is connected, force-stop the app, then restart it.

Once you take the sock off the Base Station, you have a few minutes to place it on the baby’s foot before a notification sounds.

Turning off these notification sounds varies depending on whether you are using an Owlet Sock 2 or 3.

You can turn off Owlet Sock 3 sounds by tapping on the Base Station or through the Owlet app.

In case these two options do not work, disconnect the sock from the Base Station and use the above steps to connect it back.

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