Owlet Sock not charging when plugged in? How to fix

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The Owlet Sock helps parents to monitor their baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate through an app. Several individuals can use the Owlet Sock app at the same time, from anywhere around the world.

A new Owlet Smart Sock has a battery life of 18 hours. It is powered by a rechargeable battery. Most parents plug the sock into power between naps or whenever it is not in use. 7 hours of use utilizes approximately 30 percent of battery.

One common problem with the Owlet Sock is that it can fail to charge. Several reasons cause this issue, including a broken charging cable, faulty base station, or a sensor that needs replacement.

How to know if your Owlet Sock is charging

Owlet Smart Sock battery percentage

The easiest way to determine if the sock is charging is through the app. The percentage of the remaining charge is often indicated at the bottom-left corner of the settings page of the app.

If the sock is charging, this percentage won’t be displayed. Instead, it will display charging.

The Owlet Sock emits different colors during use to mean different things. You will see the owlet sock blinking green while charging. The color becomes solid green once charging is complete.

Troubleshooting an Owlet Sock that isn’t charging

If you notice that the owlet sock does not charge when plugged in, you can fix the problem using the following ways:

1. Reset the Owlet Sock

Completely turn off the sock by removing the electronic part from the fabric sock and sliding it off the base station. The sock light should go off.

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Turn the electronics back, wait at least one minute, and then plug the electronics back to the base station.

If the owlet sock won’t charge when plugged in after this reset, contact the provider’s technical support for it to be reset from their end.

2. Test different charging cables

Owlet Smart sock charging

Examine the charging cable connecting to the sock unit for damage. If the pins are bent or the foil sticking out then it needs replacement.

If the warranty is still active, contact customer service for a free replacement.

Next, unplug the sensor from its charging cable and use an adapter cable to plug it directly into the power outlet. If the sensor starts charging, the charging cable is faulty.

Try out different charging cables too to determine if yours has a problem.

3. Check the base station power ports

Disconnect the sensor from the base station port then connect an Adapter cable to the same port. The Base Station will fail to power on if it has a problem.

If the base station isn’t working either, then it can be an issue with its charging cable. If that’s not the issue, resetting your Owlet Base Station can be the solution.

4. Rule out issues with the Sensor

If none of the above solutions work, you will need to replace the sensor.

However, you also need to understand that some charging problems may occur because you may not be charging the sock the right way. Check the user manual for the right way to connect the sock to a power outlet.

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Besides charging the Owlet Sock, you can save its battery life by turning it off when not using it. Simply plug the socks into its Base Station to charge it.

So, how long does it take for an owlet sock to charge? The time varies depending on various factors, including the frequency of use.

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