What does it mean when TikTok is under review?

Tim Vickers

Does your video have zero views on TikTok? While the ByteDance owned app is one of the easiest social media platforms to share fun clips, it sometimes makes some content invisible to other users due to different reasons.

Fortunately, the TikTok views problem is common and solvable. If the issue is with the recent uploads, the platform will notify you that the video is under review.

So, what does it mean when TikTok is under review?

If TikTok’s AI or BOT detects abusive words, captions, hashtags, adult/pornographic content, and intellectual property infringement, it flags the video.

The main aim of putting videos under review is to protect both viewers and other content creators from malpractices.

Timeframe for reviewing appeals

How long does it take to review a TikTok? In most cases, TikTok takes 48 hours to sort out the issue. In some unique instances, the review time may take more than two days.

If the video is against the set rules, it will be removed automatically. However, if the review establishes that the video does not go against TikTok’s guidelines, the ‘strike’ will be removed.

If you get the “TikTok video under review” notification, you cannot repeal it before the verification process is complete.

Therefore, the best thing to do during this period is to wait for the verdict. Fortunately, only 1% of all videos under appeal are removed from the platform.

After TikTok reviews an appeal, they will send you a report. The detailed update outlines the reasons why a particular video was under review.

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Apart from being a transparency requirement, the report aims at educating users on its ever-changing policies.

How to avoid restrictions on your videos

While some rules and guidelines may be intricate and vague, you can avoid future ‘strikes’ on your videos. Some of the suggestions include:

1. Avoid creating explicit and violent content

Since TikTok’s official age limit is 13 years, it has strict rules on violence and pornographic content.

Also, the platform bans inappropriate hashtags, even when the video is not explicit or violent.

2. Don’t use unrelated hashtags.

While hashtags are the fastest way to create organic traffic to your account, TikTok has a strict policy against spamming.

Therefore, you should not use unrelated tags. Fortunately, the platform does not have a limit on the number of tags you can use.

3. As a creator, avoid uploading other people’s content

If you have a big following on the platform, you should refrain from uploading other people’s videos.

While the rule is selective to only people with a big following, it may hurt your account, especially if you rely on the TikTok algorithm for more visibility.


Placing videos under review is one of the surest ways of making TikTok a safe hub for users.

Even though the platform hopes to protect its users from explicit content and intellectual property infringement, some rules guiding the review process may be intricate.

Fortunately, uploading original videos and ensuring the clips are free of violent content limits the chances of getting BOT strikes.

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