What is the Subway Gold Card? Benefits and application

Jason Breton

If you are a regular Subway customer or bargain hunter, you’ve probably heard about the Subway Gold Card that promises you free sandwiches. But do you know all the benefits it offers, or how to get one?

Subway is known for offering exclusive reward programs, where loyal customers can get various benefits.

One of these rewards is the Gold Card, which is quite elusive, and little is known about it. Fortunately, we have compiled everything you need to know about the card below.

What is a Gold Card?

The Subway Gold card is an exclusive rewards card offered by the first food joint to their loyal customers or other influential persons who bring customers to the brand.

It is one of two exclusive cards offered by Subway, the other being the Black Card. Limited information is available online about both cards, but the Gold Card is known to be easier to come by than the black one.

What does a Subway Gold Card do?

The Gold Card comes with cash, which you can use to buy sandwiches for free at Subway. The amount is usually $100, though some recipients can receive a higher amount on their card, depending on the situation. Generally, you can only use the cash at a specific location(s).

Subway Rewards

However, you can also pre-load the Gold Card with cash and use it at Subway outlets worldwide. Using the card this way can enjoy several benefits, such as free tokens and other rewards, which you can then redeem for free sandwiches.

What are the requirements for a Subway Gold Card?

Subway has not publicly revealed the requirements for getting their Gold Card. However, they usually offer it to influencers, such as YouTubers and other social media stars, who increase the brand’s visibility.

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In addition, loyal and promising customers who bring attention to the fast-food giant can get the card.

How to apply for the Gold Card?

Subway has not publicly revealed how you can apply for the card, and it is pretty exclusive, so it is not available to anyone.

However, the first step to receiving the Gold Card is to be influential and do something noteworthy associated with Subway.

When this happens, Subway will notify you and send you the card without going through any application process.

Alternatively, you can write to Subway through their website requesting the card. The fast-food company will then review your request and send you the card if they think you are deserving.

Can you purchase the Subway Gold Card?

Where can you find the Gold Card for sale? The card is a gift card. Therefore, despite being exclusive, it is available for sale, and you can purchase it as a gift for a family member, friend, or colleague who loves Subway. 

Subway Gold Card vs black card

What about the Subway black card? How is it different from the Gold Card? While both cards are exclusive, the black card is premium.

It is a loyalty card usually offered to celebrities and highly influential people who bring in a lot of business for the fast-food joint.

Subway black card

The Subway Black Card is hard to come by and is only offered by invitation. On top of that, the benefits are also amazing, as you get a free subway for life. The best part is you can purchase free subs for your friends and family with the card. 

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Is the Subway Gold Card worth it?

While the Gold Card’s benefits are not as amazing as those of the black card, it is still worth it as you get about $100 of free sandwiches. Therefore, it is worth getting one, especially if you are a regular customer at the fast-food franchise.


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