Stealth Cam Command Pro app is not working

Is the Stealth Cam Command Pro app crashing or failing to upload photos? Or does it keep loading infinitely instead of uploading pictures?

In other cases, you make changes in your camera settings, but those changes do not reflect in the app. That can be frustrating.

Generally, Stealth Can problems can originate from different factors. They include:

  • Your internet connection is slow. Photos will take longer to upload, or the upload will fail.
  • The app is not updated. Many bugs in the previous version will stop it from working well. 
  • The Stealth Cam Command Pro servers are down.
  • An error in the app’s cache folder.
  • An incompatible device or outdated operating system.

To fix the Stealth Cam Command Pro app when it is not working, do the following:

1. Power cycle your phone

If you notice that the Stealth Cam Command Pro app crashes constantly, consider power cycling the device.

A power cycle will help free the phone’s memory, prevent crashes, and ensure all other apps run smoothly. It empties the cache and 

You can do this by pressing the power button and switching off your phone. Then, wait for at least 30 seconds, power it on, and open the app to see if it has fixed the problem.

2. Close and reopen the app

Conventionally, the Stealth Cam Command Pro app works in the background when closed. It will only come to the foreground when you open it.

However, things can go wrong when the app freezes or lags. Therefore, when the app is not loading, close it for the operating system to remove it from memory.

The memory will also refresh and allow the Stealth Cam Command Pro app to open afresh without issues.

Stealth Command Pro app settings

3. Update the app software

Stealth Cam Command Pro releases the latest updates for its app occasionally. The updates are available for all devices, particularly iOS and Android.

Therefore, if the app is out-of-date, update the Stealth Cam software and try again. You can update the software by going to your device’s application store.

Then, search for the app and select Update, if available.

We have a guide for those getting an error checking for updates message when updating the app on the Google Play Store.

4. How to fix Stealth Cam when it is not uploading photos

If the Stealth Cam is not uploading photos, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Ensure the batteries in the camera have enough power or are not low.
  • Check the camera’s signal. Go to the Cellular Settings and use the Signal Strength feature to check its signal. Ensure the signal strength is at least 20% to ensure the device can upload photos.
  • Check your data plan and ensure you have enough data or the data is active.

You can also ensure that your mobile device has a stable internet connection.

stealth cam command pro app

Understand that it may take up to five minutes for the camera to send the first picture to your gallery. Therefore, wait for five minutes to elapse before troubleshooting the issue.

5. Uninstall and reinstall the app

Uninstalling the app will remove it from your device. It will also delete any corrupted data causing the app to misbehave.

Furthermore, uninstalling will ensure you reinstall the latest Stealth Cam Command Pro app with new updates and bug fixes.

The easiest way to uninstall the application is to go to your device app store, remove it, and install it from the same location.

Make sure to back up any important information first. Although you may not lose it after re-installing the app, it is best to prepare for any eventualities by backing up images and videos.

6. Clear app cache

The Stealth Cam Command Pro app stores cached data, including scripts and files, on your device after opening the app.

It then uses the data to gather information fast every time you open it and reduce load time. Although cached data improves your experience, it can also cause the app to stop working by draining memory. Therefore, clear the cache from settings and try again.

More troubleshooting guides

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