How to sell jewelry on Facebook

Tim Vickers

Traditionally, people use Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family. However, it is quickly turning into a business place, where you can leverage its broad reach to target prospective customers.

If you are looking to sell jewelry online, Facebook is one of the best platforms you can use.

You can sell jewelry on Facebook using various social and business tools that the social media network offers. For example, you can market your products directly to your friends.

Alternatively, you can find other business features such as a Facebook business page, shop, marketplace, and buy and sell groups to target and engage customers.

Selling on Facebook can sound daunting, but it is pretty simple with a few tips and tricks.

We have compiled a detailed guide on how you can start selling your jewelry today and be successful.

Set up a way to sell your products

The first item of business is deciding on the way to sell your jewelry on Facebook. There are several techniques you can use, such as:

1. Selling directly to your friend circle

You can start selling your jewelry on Facebook by advertising them directly to your friend circle. It is the easiest solution since you don’t have to search for an audience to target.

You also don’t have to invest much time or effort (nor money) in promoting your products.

When selling directly to your friends, you only need to take photos of what you are selling and post them like normal status.

Make sure to include prices, descriptions, and how you can deliver the jewelry to anyone wishing to buy it.

2. Using the Facebook business page

Facebook buy


A Facebook business page is another way in which you can promote and sell your jewelry on Facebook.

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The feature is free but comes with numerous tools to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and increase sales. It is a great option to scale up your jewelry selling business.

Follow these steps to create a Facebook business page for your jewelry business:

  • Log into your personal Facebook account and go to
  • Under the page information, choose and fill in a page name (this can be your business name). Make sure it is unique to allow prospective customers to find you easily.
  • Select a category for your business. In this case, some possible categories include jewelry/watches, jewelry & watches store, and jewelry & watches company, among others.
  • Create a description of your business
  • Click on the “Create Page” button to take your page online

After creating your page, you can go to the photos and videos sections and start uploading content about your jewelry products.

You should also start posting to increase your business visibility and interact and engage your fans (prospective customers).

With the Facebook page, one of the ways you can sell to your customers is by posting links (in the About section) to third-party stores where they can find your stock.

For example, Shopify, Amazon, or your e-commerce store. You can also arrange for a local delivery option.

3. Setting up a Facebook shop

Another way to sell your jewelry on Facebook is through the Facebook shop option. This is an online e-commerce store, which you can set up on your business page.

It comes complete with everything you need to run your business – inventory system, payment features, and shipping features, among others.

To set up your shop:

  • Go to your Facebook business page and click on the “Shop” tab located in the menu section.
  • Click on the “Get Started” button and fill in your business information (location and address, contacts, type of business, products sold, tax information, shipping, return policy, and check-out option.
  • Configure your payment option – the options offered will be based on your country.
  • Return to the menu and click on the “Shop” button, then start adding your products
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You can now promote your products and sell them to your customers with the Facebook shop set up.

4. Using the Facebook marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is not a market per se. It is a digital platform on Facebook, where individuals can browse, buy, and sell items.

It is like Craigslist but more trustworthy and offers faster and easier ways to interact.

On Facebook Marketplace, you only need to post photos and descriptions of the jewelry you are selling. Prospective customers will see your post when browsing the marketplace and contact you.

You can then iron out the transaction details and arrange for pick up or delivery with the buyer(s).

5. Selling on Facebook buy and sell groups

Facebook buy and sell groups are another way to sell your jewelry. These are dedicated groups that allow buyers and sellers to interact with ease.

You can find groups close to your area by going to the “Groups” section on the Facebook menu.

Choose groups that allow buying and selling of jewelry and join to start advertising your products.

How to promote your jewelry and engage with customers

After setting up your method(s) of selling jewelry on Facebook, the next step is to promote your products and engage with prospective customers.

There are several ways to do this, and below is a look at a few of them:

1. Create engaging content

Content makes your business stand out from other sellers and more visible to customers. Make sure to post regular content, including photos and videos of your products with accurate descriptions.

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You can also utilize user-generated content, where your customers post photos or videos of them wearing your products.

2. Run giveaway contests

Giveaway contests are a great way to generate interest in your business while interacting with potential customers.

You can have users share, comment, post selfies, create captions, answer questions, and do several other things for the opportunity to win some of your merchandise.

3. Run Facebook ads

Jewelry ad on Facebook

While Facebook offers you several free ways to promote your business, paid advertising can benefit you significantly.

It allows you to target specific groups of people who are more likely to purchase your products. It also increases your business visibility.

4. Advertise events

Selling your jewelry online through Facebook is a good idea, but you can give your business a more personal touch through physical events.

Examples of events that can help you connect with prospective customers include local fairs and exhibitions you are attending and classes (jewelry making classes), among others.

Ready to sell jewelry on Facebook?

Facebook is not just a social media network; it is an excellent business platform that can give you a broad reach for your jewelry business.

The above information can help you set up your business on the site and start selling your products to customers.

While it might seem intimidating to get started, you can grow your business significantly over time, making huge returns.

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