How to fix Facebook story song is not showing

Do you have a problem where the Facebook story song is not showing? This can be an annoying experience.

But luckily, you can identify the issue and fix it with a few troubleshooting steps. If the Facebook story song feature gives you problems, try the steps below to resolve the issue.

Basic troubleshooting steps

To fix a Facebook story song that is not working, you should try the simple steps below before going into advanced troubleshooting:

  • Make sure your internet connection is working.
  • Connect to a stronger Wi-Fi network or switch to a stable mobile broadband network.
  • Unmute your Facebook story if you cannot hear any audio.
  • Increase your phone’s volume if your Facebook story song audio is too low.

Advanced solutions to fix Facebook story song is not showing

If the Facebook story song is still not working after taking the above steps, then do the following:

1. Quit and relaunch the Facebook app

One of the top solutions to try when having problems with Facebook story music is to force-quit and relaunch your app. Doing this can help fix temporary glitches with your app that could cause the issue.

To quit and relaunch the Facebook app, try the steps below:

  • Press the home button or the app overview button on your smartphone to bring up open apps.
  • Drag the Facebook screen up your screen to close the app.
  • Go back to your apps list and relaunch Facebook.

After relaunching the app, try using the Facebook story music feature. If it is still not working, move to the solutions below.

2. Update your Facebook app

An outdated app can explain why you have problems with certain features, for example, instances where the Facebook story music option is missing.

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That is because older versions of the Facebook app will likely not have the Facebook story music feature.

In addition, an outdated app can have bugs, software glitches, and other issues that might lead to problems when using the feature.

Therefore, updating your Facebook app is important to fix most of these issues. On top of that, you should ensure that your web browser is up to date if you are using a computer to access Facebook.

3. Clear app cache and data

Corrupted app cache and data are another reason why you might be experiencing the “Facebook story song is not showing” error.

Fortunately, clearing the app’s cache and data can remove these corrupted files, resolving the issue.

Clearing app data and cache
How to clear app data and cache on your Facebook app. Image:

To clear your Facebook app’s cache and data:

  • Navigate to Settings on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the App Manager or Manage Apps option.
  • Go to App List, where you can find a list of all installed apps.
  • Scroll down the app list and tap on Facebook.
  • Select Storage from the option that appears.
  • Under storage options, tap the Clear Cache and Clear Data icons at the bottom of the screen to delete Facebook’s cache and data.
  • Go back to your home page and launch the Facebook app.

Note: After clearing app data, you may need to log in to your Facebook app to access your account.

4. Enable or add lyrics to your songs

Music lyrics not showing on a Facebook story is another common problem you can encounter when using the Facebook app. Fortunately, this is a problem you can easily resolve.

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Adding music and song lyrics to your Facebook story

First, for lyrics to show your Facebook story music, you must add songs with lyrics. To do this:

  • Open the Facebook app on your smartphone (or access Facebook on a computer browser).
  • Go to your account and tap Create a Story.
  • Tap on the Music icon.
  • Scroll down the list of songs or use the search feature to find the songs you want.
  • Tap to select the song you want and ensure it has Lyrics next to the song name.
  • Once you are done editing your story, the song will be displayed on your story with the lyrics visible.

Does the song you are looking for lack lyrics? You can still enable Facebook story music lyrics by adding lyrics using the Musixmatch app.

To do this:

  • Download the Musixmatch app on your computer.
  • Sign up and verify your account.
  • Connect to your streaming service (Spotify, iTunes, Windows Media Player, and others) to get your music.
  • Select the song you want and play it.
  • Click on Add Lyrics and paste in the song’s lyrics.
  • Click the Sync tab and edit your lyrics to ensure they are time-synched.
  • Save your lyrics to add them to the song.

After you save the lyrics, they will be published and available to all Musixmatch-compatible apps, including Facebook, shortly.

Therefore, after a few hours, you can go back to the Facebook app and search for your song with lyrics now enabled.

5. Delete and re-install your Facebook app

Are you still having problems with the Facebook story song feature? The issue might stem from your app; for example, it might have software bugs or glitches affecting the story music feature.

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Therefore, deleting and re-installing a fresh app version is an excellent solution that can resolve the issue.

To delete and re-install your Facebook app:

  • Go to your app menu on your smartphone and hold down on the Facebook icon.
  • Tap Uninstall or Delete to delete the app from your phone.
  • Launch the app store app and search for Facebook.
  • Download and install the latest version of the Facebook app.

After installation, restart your phone, then launch the Facebook app and try using the Facebook story music feature.

6. Try using another device

Your device might be the issue if the Facebook story song is still not showing. Fortunately, you can fix this problem by switching to another device to access or create your Facebook story music.

For example, if using a phone, you can use a newer version of another smartphone or mobile device to access the Facebook app. You can also access your Facebook account on a computer browser.

If the Facebook story song is not showing, the above solutions can help you to resolve the issue. However, if the problem persists, you should contact the Facebook Help Centre for more advanced troubleshooting help.

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