How to fix Facebook Music Search is not working

Tim Vickers

You have tried to put music on your Facebook Stories. But you realize that the Facebook Music Search is not working, or the search bar gives you the same suggested songs regardless of what you type in the search bar.

Many users have also encountered a problem: they cannot add music to stories, and the music option does not appear when creating a story.

But what causes this problem, and how do you fix it? Here are the reasons for the issues and their fixes.

1. You have not added music to your story correctly

The Facebook Music Search feature is not working on your device because you have not enabled it. Here is how to enable the music feature on Facebook or add music to your story.  

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Tap the plus (+) button to create a story at the top of your Feed.
    Story on Facebook
  • Swipe to the right and tap on the Music icon.
    Music on Facebook Stories
  • Select a song (Choose a song with the Lyrics label if you want to display music lyrics).
    Selecting music with lyrics on Facebook
  • Tap on the Music icon to open the music editor.
  • Drag the slider to select a clip from the song.
  • Tap Done.
  • Select a display style, then tap Done.

The song will appear on your story.

Understand that the Music feature may not work if you have a text story.

2. Outdated app

If your current version is outdated, you will experience glitches with your Facebook app. Facebook may have gone through major maintenance that changed its functions and features.

Thus, updating the Facebook app to the latest version can help resolve the issue. If you have a problem with Facebook Music search not working on iOS, uninstall the app from your device.

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Then, go to the App Store and install Facebook to get a new version. You can also do the same for Android devices.

3. Corrupted cache and data

Whenever you use the Facebook app, it accumulates the data and stores it in a cached file. The accumulation of cache from the app can lead to problems such as the Music Search not working.

Clear Cache
Clear cache from the app

Also, corrupted caches can corrupt the operations of the app. Therefore, clear the app cache and data and try again.

For Android, long press on the Facebook icon, tap on App Info, go to Storage, and tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data.

4. Copyright changes

Copyright changes could explain why Facebook Music Search is not working on your end.

Facebook has to comply with copyright laws and regulations by ensuring that the music used on its platform does not infringe on copyright laws.

Facebook has implemented a system that detects copyrighted music and mutes it in videos and stories.

The system protects Facebook from legal action and ensures users are not violating copyright laws. That also means you cannot fix this problem.

Whenever music rights change on Facebook, searching for a song or adding it to your story becomes challenging.

Meta will no longer have the rights to the song, and the service will block it from being viewed on its platform.

5. The option to add music is unavailable

If the Facebook story music option is missing, then the feature for adding music to your story is unavailable for everyone now. Facebook has been rolling out the feature in some areas, and yours may be affected.

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Also, platform changes and updates can prevent you from using Facebook Music. Unfortunately, you cannot fix this issue. Instead, wait until Facebook makes the feature available.

Alternatively, you can circumvent this issue if Facebook Music is limited. The best way is to use a different account.

In other words, post a story with the song you want on an alternate account with a working search.

Then, switch back to the account with the issue and view the story you posted from the alternative account. At the top of Facebook Story, click on Add Music to My Story.

With this option, the top result in the music search will be the story that was in the previous story.

6. Technical problems

Technical glitches could explain why Music isn’t working on Facebook reels. In such cases, only Facebook can fix it.

Therefore, contact Facebook support for further assistance or wait until Facebook fixes the problem.

Other users have also noticed that the search function on their device breaks when they hit the space button while searching for music.

The solution is to search for the most specific word in the song title without hitting space and see if it gives them results.


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