Samsung Email app won’t send emails? Working solutions

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Are you unable to send or receive emails on your Samsung Email app? The experience can be frustrating, mainly when you rely on your phone for emails or you need to send an urgent email.

The problem can be due to several reasons, including network issues, settings change, incorrect login details, and wrong recipient email address, among others.

Here, we have compiled a list of possible issues causing the Samsung email app not to send or receive emails. We have also provided troubleshooting tips and solutions.

Why is my Samsung Email app not sending emails?

Several reasons can cause the Samsung Email app to stop sending or receiving emails. Some are temporary and quickly resolved, while others can be pretty stubborn.

They include:

  • Incorrect password for your email account
  • You’ve entered an incorrect email address
  • There are network issues
  • Wrong configuration of the email app settings
  • Temporary issues from the server-side
  • Glitches or bugs with the email app
  • Corrupted cache and data on the email app
  • Your email app is out of date
  • Problems caused after an update to your phone’s OS or email app
  • A problematic email app

How to fix Samsung Email app problems?

Below are some troubleshooting steps and solutions that you can use to fix your Samsung Email when you are unable to send or receive emails:

1. Check your internet connection

Network issues are one of the main reasons you might have trouble sending or receiving emails.

Therefore, you should check whether you are connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular data network.

Wi-Fi connection - Macro Monday 04/09: Connection
Image by: Flickr/Lise-Laure Gossye

You should also test whether you have a working internet connection – you can do this by launching your browser, typing into the search box, and clicking the search icon.

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If you don’t have an active connection, switch to another network and try sending the email.

2. Check your recipient’s email address

Can you receive but not send emails on Samsung? The problem could be that you are trying to send your email to the wrong email address.

In most cases, emails to a non existent address will always be reverted back to your inbox. They are usually accompanied by a message indicating that the e-mail couldn’t be delivered to that account.

Therefore, recheck the email id you are sending to and ensure you have not made a typo error.

3. Verify that your email login details are correct

Another reason the Samsung Email app is not working is if you use the wrong password. Such a scenario can occur if you have changed your email’s login details but forgot to change them in the Samsung Email app.

To fix the problem, go to your Email app and re-enter the correct password, then try sending the email.

4. Check that your email settings have not changed

The Samsung Email app forwards emails from your email account to your phone. Therefore, you need to configure your email account’s incoming and outgoing servers.

If these configurations have changed or been corrupted, you will have an issue sending or receiving emails.

Fortunately, you can easily reconfigure the settings, thus fixing any problems. 

Follow these steps to configure email server settings from a Samsung phone:

  • Go to Apps > Samsung > Email and launch the email app
  • Tap Menu then Settings
  • Go to “My Account,” then scroll to “Server Settings.”
  • Under incoming server, select POP3 server and enter if your email is from Gmail. If using Hotmail, enter
  • For the security type, choose SSL
  • Under the outgoing server, select SMTP server and enter (for Gmail client) or (for Hotmail)
  • Under the security, choose SSL and then enter 465 under Port
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With your Samsung email app settings reconfigured, you can now try resending your emails.

5. Remove and re-add your email accounts

If reconfiguring your email settings does not work, you can try removing and re-adding your email account(s). 

  • Go to Apps > Samsung > Email and launch the email app
  • Go to the Menu icon, then select Settings
  • Go to “My Account” and choose “Remove Account.”

Once you have removed the email account, exit the app the relaunch it again. Then, start the setup process and choose automatic setup, with guided on-screen prompts.

Alternatively, you can select the manual configuration. You will then use the incoming and outgoing server settings above and add your email username and password.

6. Update your Samsung Email app

App updates come with changes to support the current security and other features, which might be outdated and no longer working.

Therefore, you are likely to experience issues sending and receiving emails if you have not updated your Samsung Email app in a while.

You can fix this problem by downloading and installing the latest Samsung Email app update from the Play Store.

7. Restart your Samsung phone

Glitches and bugs in your Samsung Email app or the phone’s software can cause problems when sending emails.

But lucky for you, these issues are usually temporary, and you can quickly resolve them by restarting your phone.

8. Reset the Samsung Email app

If the Email app is still not working after restarting your device, you could be dealing with corrupted data or cache files.

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In this case, you should reset the app to its default settings.

Here is a look at how to reset your Samsung email app:

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Samsung > Email
  • Tap on the app, then select “Storage.”
  • Tap on “Clear Cache” to wipe all stored cache data, including cookies
  • Tap on “Clear Data” to wipe all the accumulated email app data (including your account information and settings)

After clearing the data and cache, go back to the app menu and launch your Samsung Email app. Then, add your accounts and complete the setup process.

9. Remove and re-install your Samsung Email app

Are you still having issues even after resetting your Email app?

You may be dealing with a problematic app. In this case, you should delete it from your phone and re-install a new version.

Make sure to download the latest Samsung Email app from the Google Play Store.

Wrapping up

The above troubleshooting tips and solutions can help you fix most of the issues causing you not to send or receive emails on your Samsung Email app.

However, if none of them works, you should consider waiting out the case (it could be a temporary server-side problem) or using another email app.

You could also try to access your email on another device, such as a PC.

Finally, you can contact Samsung Customer Support for additional phone troubleshooting.

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