What is KLMS Agent? Should you delete it?

Samsung devices have built-in security features that guarantee user documents and data safety. One of these applications is the KLMS agent, which secures your device system.

So, what is the Samsung KLMS Agent?

The KLMS Agent is one of Samsung’s secure features in their KNOX platform. KLMS agent prevents unauthorized data access to your phone’s system and logs. If you have work-related info on your device, this app is responsible for protecting and keeping it private.

The in-built app also prevents personal data on the device from mixing with work data. Applications in the Samsung KNOX cannot interrupt apps outside it and vice versa.

In addition, if your device is stolen, the KLMS agent can help track it, wipe data, or locate it.

Is KLMS agent app a virus?

The KLMS agent is not a third-party app. Therefore, it is not a virus or spyware. On the contrary, KNOX is encrypted and abides by all privacy and security protocols. These days, every Samsung phone has KNOX software for extra safety.

If your phone does not come with the pre-installed application, you may notice that the KLMS agent keeps popping up. To avoid getting this notification, download the app from Google Play Store.

Does KNOX detect malware?

KNOX software detects malware but not like typical anti-virus software does. Rather, KNOX locks your device data for maximum protection. Samsung KNOX offers multi-layer security and integrity by acting as a vault for your data and work documents.

Samsung Knox has the KLMS agent

The security system runs on every level of your mobile phone. As a result, any security gaps that can be crossed by harmful software are closed.

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Features of the KLMS agent app

KLMS is essential as it enhances data software security in the following ways:

  • Software Integrity – your Android device comes with pre-installed software, and the more you use it, the more software you install. The KLMS agent app prevents malware and hackers from modifying your software.
  • Network Protection – anytime you connect your phone to an outside network using the internet, hotspot, or Bluetooth, it risks getting corrupted. KNOX software prevents malicious software from attacking your device.
  • Device Software Protection – all apps on your Samsung device (harmful or not) rely on the device’s resources. The KLMS agent ensures that the least device resources are used primarily for harmful software.
  • Data Storage Security – your Android device stores a lot of data, from contacts, photos, media files, documents, etc. The KLMS agent app protects all stored data and restricts potential data damage.

Should you uninstall KLMS agent?

Before you think of uninstalling or disabling the KLMS agent app from your mobile phone, remember that it is critical software. Many Samsung users who uninstall KNOX do so because they confuse it with a virus. As mentioned earlier, it is not.

Uninstalling the software exposes your data and denies you all its protective features.

How to uninstall KLMS agent?

The following procedure for uninstalling KNOX software works for Samsung Galaxy S7, Note 3, Note 4, and Note 5.

To uninstall the software, open Settings > Applications > KNOX App Settings > KLMS Agent App > Uninstall KNOX > Backup Data > OK.

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When using a newer Samsung Android device, use these steps:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone and open the applications.
  • On the Menu tab, select System Apps.
  • Click on KNOX apps to view applications related to the KLMS agent app.
  • Disable the applications.
  • Reboot your device.

Samsung KNOX FAQs

You should install the  KNOX software on your Samsung phone because of the many benefits highlighted herein. But if you are looking for more clarification, below are the answers to some of the commonly asked questions about this software.

Does the KLMS app require an agent?

No. KLMS is already the KNOX software agent. It, therefore, does not need an agent to run.

Is KLMS agent different from KNOX?

Yes. KNOX is the software responsible for security and protection in Samsung devices. KLMS is the agent that helps KNOX work effectively.

Note that Android devices have different agents, e.g., SVC, BBC, SKMS, and ELM.


The KLMS agent app is vital for KNOX software to carry out its roles. The two protocols guarantee that your media, contacts, audio, gallery, data, and documents are safe from harmful malware attacks,

Some benefits of keeping KNOX installed on your Samsung device include; software integrity, network protection, device software protection, and data storage security.

Uninstalling the software from your Android phone could expose your data to viruses and hackers.

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