Why is Roblox not working? Everything you need to know

Tim Vickers

Roblox is one of the most popular internet games of all time.

The massively multiplayer online game boasts millions of users worldwide who enjoy an immense collection of arcade games, custom scenarios, and world-building.

Whenever there is a problem with Roblox, many people get affected. But users have encountered errors with Roblox and are continuing to report news daily.

But why is Roblox not working on your device?

You can only enjoy playing Roblox by ensuring you keep your games updated.

The service tends to the release latest features and patches that may be incompatible with your device, thus causing glitches.

Why Roblox is not working

Some of the reasons why Roblox is not working include:

  • You have a connection problem.
  • You are not using a supported browser.
  • The mobile app you are using is outdated.

These and other problems like corrupted temporary files, firewall preventing Roblox from running, and system-wide glitches could explain why you are not enjoying the MMO game.

Are Roblox servers shutting down?

Roblox tweet

Although problems with Roblox occur from time to time, the biggest shock came after rumors circulated on the internet about the game shutting down.

So, is Roblox shutting down? On January 14, 2020, Roblox posted a message on Twitter refuting claims that it was shutting down.

Instead, it advised its users not to believe everything they read online regarding its service. Roblox continues to offer support to all gamers.

How to troubleshoot Roblox

Since there are various problems with Roblox, you need to troubleshoot one issue at a time to identify the cause and fix it.

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Here are some of the errors users encounter and how to fix them.

Roblox is stuck on the loading screen

Roblox blank

Sometimes players encounter an issue whereby they try playing Roblox but get stuck on the loading screen, and the logo never moves.

In most cases, you are encountering this problem because of an error in your home network or a firewall issue.

Here is what to do:

1. Use a supported browser

The easiest way of fixing this issue is to check whether you are using an updated browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, you’ll need the latest version to correct the issue on Roblox Studio.

Firefox and Chrome are the recommended browsers that will allow you to play games without significant hiccups. Consider installing them if you are using a different browser.

2. Configure your firewall or router


Roblox client is not confined to using specific ports for outgoing data. It scans to find any free port on your device and connects to its servers.

If the game is taking too long to load, your router may be blocking UDP packets on all ports.

The best solution, if you are running a router, is to look up its manual and follow the instructions on how to unblock UDP packets.

For DSL modems, you can unblock ports by calling your ISP and asking them to help you to unblock them.

You can also do the following in Windows 10:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Select System and Security
  • Click on Windows Firewall
  • Click on Advanced Settings
  • Highlight Inbound Rules and right-click on the option
  • Select New Rule
  • Add the port you want to open
  • Click Next
  • Add the UDP or TCP protocol and the port number into the next window
  • Click Next
  • Select Allow and click Next
  • Choose your preferred network type and click Next
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Name a meaningful rule and finish the configuration to open a firewall port.

Roblox website won’t load

Roblox website

If the Roblox website is not loading, you can try to troubleshoot the issue and find a solution using the following methods:

1. Clear cookies and temporary internet files

Clearing cookies and cache can help to get rid of corrupted files that are preventing the Roblox browser from loading.

  • For Firefox: Click Menu > Options > Privacy & Security > Cookies and Site Data > Clear Data
  • For Chrome: Click More > More Tools > Clear Browsing Data > Choose All Time > Clear Data

Do the same for Safari and Internet Explorer. After clearing the data, restart your device and check whether you have resolved the problem.

You can also clear Temporary Files on your computer by using the Disk Cleanup Utility or going to the temporary files folder directly and deleting files.

2. Disable browser add-ons and extensions

Some third-party extensions and add-ons can prevent specific websites from loading.

If you have installed plugins, consider disabling them one at a time until you find a troublesome program. Once you find it, remove it because it is not compatible with Roblox.

3. Reset your computer’s internet options

If Roblox isn’t loading on your browser, consider resetting internet options on your computer and try again.

  • Internet Explorer: Click on the gear icon > Select Internet Options > Advanced > Reset
  • Google Chrome: Click on the three dots > Select Settings > Advanced > Reset and Clean Up > Restore settings to their original defaults > Click Reset Settings
  • Firefox: Click on Menu > Help > Troubleshooting Information > Reset Firefox
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Your browser will close itself, or you should close it to allow it to refresh and effect changes. Once done, open Roblox and try again.


If Roblox is not working on your browser, you can start by ensuring you are using the latest version.

Another troubleshooting option is to reset your computer’s internet, disable browser extensions, plugins, and add-ons, and clear cookies and temporary internet files.

Also, it helps to configure your firewall or router to allow Roblox to access blocked UDP packets.


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