5 best free horror games for Meta Quest 2

Michael Ngabu

Do you enjoy horror movies, TV shows, and video games? Then, you can up the ante by looking up some free horror games for Meta Quest 2.

By playing a horror game in the VR world, you will feel like you are in the thick of things rather than in the safety of your home. The best part is that you can find many free horror games on Meta Quest 2 that will allow you to have fun without breaking your pocket.

Below are some of the top 5 free virtual reality horror games that you can currently play on Meta Quest 2:

1. PolarDread

The PolarDread VR horror game that you can play for free in Meta Quest 2
PolarDread is the best VR horror game that you can play for free in Meta Quest 2. Image:meta.com

PolarDread is one of the top free horror games for Oculus Quest 2 that you can download for free from SideQuestVR.

It is a single-player game that is part of the sit-and-survive horror genre. As such, the game thrusts you into several situations where you must act fast to survive the game.

PolarDread game has several scary gameplay features that make this game perfect for your Meta Quest 2 experience.

For example, you will encounter a massive mechanical bear, a roaming wolf, screaming robot heads, rabbits that jump on your head, and more.

The game also gives you exciting ways to survive in the game; for example, you can duck under desks, throw objects (including the mechanical bear), and close doors & vents.

The graphics are another exciting feature of the PolarDread horror game. Despite being free, it comes with amazing graphics that make the VR experience all the more terrifying and exciting.

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Lastly, PolarDread has received many positive reviews from other users; it has a 5-star rating of 87% on Meta.com, a very promising sign.

2. Solicitude Wake-up

Solicitude wake-up, one of the best free horror games for Meta Quest 2
Solicitude Wake-up is one of the best free horror games for Meta Quest 2. Image: sidequestvr.com

Solicitude Wake-up’s immersive gameplay makes it one of the best free VR horror games for Meta Quest 2. This horror survival game is available on Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, and Meta Quest Pro.

The game supports different player modes; you can play while sitting, standing, or even walking around for a more realistic experience.

Solicitude Wake-up game has a thrilling environment where you wake up lying on an operating table in an abandoned research facility.

You then have to find your way out of the facility with the help of a single flashlight that has limited battery life. To survive, you must find keycards for other rooms in the research facility and extra batteries for your flashlight.

The eerie research facility is one of the best features of the Solicitude Wake-up game. On top of that, while exploring the facility, you will encounter various monsters you must avoid while being bombarded with scary sounds and voices.

In addition, the single flashlight that is low on batteries creates a tense atmosphere that will have you on edge throughout the game. You can download it from SideQuestVR.

3. Silent Hill VR

The scary environment inside Silent Hill VR horror game
The scary environment inside Silent Hill VR horror game. Image: sidequestvr.com

Silent Hill VR is a remake of the 2014 horror game P.T., considered one of the best and scariest horror media.

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The game is set in an immersive environment which brings a VR experience that will chill you to your bones. 

When playing Silent Hill in VR, you can explore several of the P.T. game’s original environments, including the creepy Silent Hills Hallway, Room 302, Observation Deck, Restrooms, and more.

One thing to note is that Silent Hill VR is not a full game; it is a fan-made demo with gameplay that lasts between 40 and 65 minutes. However, it is still an amazing game to play, especially given that it is a remake of a classic horror game that is available for free.

On top of that, there are several scary things throughout the game that will give you a perfect VR scare.

4. Aranea VR

The abandoned home in Aranea VR game
The abandoned home in Aranea VR game. Image: sidequestvr.com

Aranea VR is another cool horror game on Meta Quest 2. You can play the game as a single-player or use the multiplayer feature and play it with a party of up to eight people.

Aranea VR is set in a creepy abandoned house, which you can explore when sitting, standing, or moving about.

As you explore the house, you are met with a barrage of giant, scary spiders, creating an intense, heart-pounding experience throughout the game. In addition, when playing in multiplayer mode, you can drop spiders on other players, scaring them.

Aranea VR allows you to fight back and kill the spiders. You can do this by shooting them with a pistol or squishing them with random objects you discover in the house.

Aranea VR is still being developed, so the gameplay is short. However, it is still an exciting game, especially if you enjoy resident evil-like settings.

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5. Nightmare Tag

Nightmare Tag VR game environment
Nightmare Tag VR game environment. Image: sidequestvr.com

You should check out Nightmare Tag if you want free multiplayer horror games for Meta Quest 2.

The game is a PvP immersive horror game with intense VR scares and exciting action. You can download it for free from SideQuestVR.

When playing Nightmare Tag, your party of players is split into two, with one group becoming a monster and the other remaining human.

During the gameplay, human players must survive by hiding or escaping from the monsters with the aid of a single flashlight that runs out of battery if used too much.

In Nightmare Tag, the players in the monsters group can also kill the human players, at which point they will become human.

The killed human players also turn into monsters, creating a back-and-forth tag game that can be very exciting when playing with a large group of friends.

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