15 richest Roblox players with usernames in 2024

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Roblox has provided an online platform where players can create 3D games, create groups, and share them with other fellow gamers.

These fun games incorporate different genres, including simulations, hardcore, obstacles, and role-playing. What makes it even more fun is that players can build wealth from their creations.

Creating groups and items for trade are great ways of accumulating wealth on Roblox. The platform currently has more than 115 million active users, but these players have struck gold on Roblox.

The richest players on Roblox in the world are:

1. Roblox R$190,044,834

Roblox is a username for the co-founder and current CEO of Roblox. His real name is David Baszucki, and he is the richest Roblox player at R$190,044,834.

A Canadian native, he is best known as a tech innovator winning several accolades for his contribution to creating a safe game platform.

He has a RAP of 56,202,432 and 1,990 collectables. Since actively playing on the platform since 2006, he has accumulated a lot of wealth, and it is not surprising that he is the richest player on Roblox.

He, of course, has access to more high-value limited items than any other player making it easy for him to maintain his top status.

He has 0 friends, follows over 67 million gamers, and has a following of over 68 million people.

2. SonofSevenless R$145,336,820

SonofSevenless is one of the richest players on Roblox, as he comes in second on the list. This player joined the platform on 18/2/2007.

He is an example of hard work and consistency, as his R-value stands at R$145,336,820, which is quite a feat.


He also has a RAP of 35,789,551 and 1,457 collectables. These collectables include limited U items such as Ice Monster, Noob Assist: Donut Dash, and Malachite Rocket.

He has 6 friends, over 13,000 followers, and follows 6,012 people.

3. Linkmon99 $133,920,545

Many people ask, “Is Linkmon99 the richest Roblox player?” Well, he is ranked third in terms of his R-value of $133,920,545.

The reason why people would think he is the richest is that he is the highest-valued trader of limited items on a single account.

So, how much Robux does Linkmon99 have? His inventory puts his Robux account value at 42,352,030 and 529 collectables. He joined Roblox on 11/2/2009, and he is a very active member.

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He has 200 friends (which is the top limit), over 13,000 followers, and he follows over 6,000 people.

Linkmon99 also serves as an admin, partner, or member of big Roblox groups and has made formidable collaborations with other big players such as Roblox, ZephPlays, and Preston.

He is also a YouTube star with over 450,000 subscribers.

4. Stickmasterluke $131,630,910

Stickmasterluke comes in as the fourth richest player on Roblox. His value currently stands at R$131,630,910 and has a RAP value of 42,084,337.

He has 2,575 collectibles and they include some limited items such as Dominus Frigidus, Dominus Empyreus, and Dominus Astra.

Stickmasterluke joined Roblox on 22/10/2007 and has remained an active member with over 1 million Roblox visits.

He has created several groups on Roblox including Dreams of Development, Creative Lasso, Phoenix Feather Studios, and Speed Run Ultimate.

He has 167 friends, follows over 290,000 people, and has over 680,000 followers which shows his popularity on the platform.

5. EarlGrey R$84,015,000

EarlGrey makes the top five richest people on Roblox. His value stands at R$84,015,000 and a RAP of 18,210,031.

He has 44 collectibles with limited high-value items such as Dominus Astra, two Hooded Firelords, and Rbadam Smokestack Top Hat.

He joined Roblox on 8/8/2006 and does not have friends. However, he has 5,272 followers and follows 3,980 people.

6. Zlib $63,700,441

Zlib is ranked as the sixth richest player on Roblox. He has a value of R$63,700,441 and a RAP of 18,027,908. Zlib is quite a unique player considering he only joined the platform on the 21st of June 2015 and only made 2 visits.

He has accumulated his wealth over a short time compared to the top players on this list.

He has 222 collectibles and 2 are limited high-value items that contribute to his wealth. They are Dominus Formidulosus and Dominus Empyreus.

He has 94 friends, follows 69 gamers, and has a following of more than 110,000 people.

7. Azarth R$49,636,122

Azarth comes in at number seven on this list. The value attached to this player currently stands at R$49, 636,122, and a RAP of 9,527,496.

The player has made good progress coming up the ladder from 9th place in 2019 to 8th place in early 2020 and now stands 7th on the list.

He joined the gaming platform on 17/8/2012 and has grown his inventory to 812 collectibles including 3 limited items. They are Dominus Frigidus, Dominus Infernus, and Dominus Empyreus.

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The player has 45 friends, a following of 3,124 people, and follows 12 gamers.

8. CV10K R$48,963,894

The top eighth player’s value is R$48,963,894 and has a RAP of 13,493,567. His real name is Scott and one would say that his username on Roblox sounds like a secret covert file.

He joined the platform on 23/11/2014 and belongs to the Dominus group. The Dominus items are highly valued on the Roblox Avatar shop raising his wealth and status on the gaming platform.

He has 271 collectibles and in this collection, he has several limited and limited U items including Dominus Rex, Dominus Aureus, and Dominus Messor, and Dominus Empyreus.

He has 137 friends, follows 23 people, and has a following of more than 25,000 people.

9. BuildIntoGames R$46,720,762

At number nine on the top 15 richest players on Roblox is BuildIntoGames. His real name is Preston and he founded a Roblox group called Big Games that has a huge number of members.

His value stands at R$46,720,762 and a RAP of 8,852,358. He joined Roblox on 2/9/2011 and has 27 friends, follows only one gamer, and has a following of over 140,000 people.

His collection includes limited items such as the Orange Ninja Headband of All Earth’s Fire.

Roblox game

10. Saturniidae R$41,591,365

The last player ranked in the top 10 richest players in Roblox is Saturniidae. He was formerly known as ColdLegacy. He has an R-value of $41,591,365 and a RAP of 32,454,306, according to the latest statistics.

This player’s wealth has been boosted primarily by the great Roblox clothing and successful groups such as the Limited Lunatics that he has created.

Having joined the platform in 2010, Saturniidae has quite a collection totalling 3,797, including a limited item called Shaggy.

11. Quatos R$40,827,021

Quatos starts the second layer of the top richest players on Roblox. Taking into consideration that the player joined Roblox on 5/3/2013, bagging a spot on this list is quite impressive.

Quatos is currently valued at R$40,827,021, a RAP of 7,496,271, and 51 collectables.

The limited items in his collection include Domino Crown and Dominus Aureus. With 106 friends,  following 219 people, and over 11,000 followers, Quatos can only keep going up the ladder.

12. iDiablo R$39,200,000

At number 12 on the list is iDiablo whose current value stands at R$39,200,000 and a RAP of 17,172,530. There is not much information about this player, as he has classified his collection as private.

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However, he has created a group called White Stallion. He follows 265 gamers, has 34 friends, and has a following of over 1,000 people.

13. BYTE00 R$37,421,021

BYTE00 is number 13 on our list at R$37,421,021 and a RAP of 8,994,052. His top group is called High School Life Fans, with over 1 million members. He joined Roblox on 12/9/2012.

The player has currently classified his collection as private, which means none of the items is currently on sale. BYTE00 has 135 friends, follows 95 people, and has a following of over 110,000 people.

14. Merely R$36,559,674

Coming close in number and value is Merely. This player has a value of R$36,559,674 and a RAP of 10,315,293.

Since joining Roblox in 2010, his most popular group is Catalog Heaven which he co-created with his brother and is hosted on the brother’s Seranok account. It’s in this group that he has accumulated wealth by selling VIP T-shirts.

He is a well-known limited item collector, and his 1,369 collectibles include limited items such as Domino Crown, The Kleos Aphthiton, and Eccentric Shop Teacher. His unique niche in trading limited items saw him create Trade Hangout.

Trade Hangout is a place where players with a Builders-Club membership can check for offers on limited items, negotiate, and make purchases through the Trade System, which protects players from scammers.

However, he also runs a test version called Trade Hangout NBC for non-BCs to trade with fellow non-BC’s and BC members.

According to his profile, he has 195 friends, follows over 68,000 other gamers, which is quite mind-blowing and has a following of over 151,000 people.

15. nutcase123 R$35,825,763

Wrapping up our top 15 richest Roblox players’ list is nutcase123. The player’s value is R$35,825,763 and has a RAP of 25,713,479. Looking at the RAP figure, you’ll realize that the player topples many on this list to rank as 6th overall.

This is no surprise when you view his 832 collectables that include high-value limited U and other limited items. They include Blackvalk and several variations of Sparkle Time Fedora, such as the Green Sparkle Time Fedora.


While this ranking changes with time due to the trading that takes place on Roblox, these players tend to change rank only slightly over time.

So if you are considering joining a Roblox group, then these players above provide a thriving gaming experience, and you should look to join them.

However, if you are looking to start your group and build up your wealth on this platform, then you now know the top 15 successful players to watch for tips.

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