Roblox banned me for no reason! How to get unbanned

Tim Vickers

As one of the best game development and gaming platforms, Roblox has close to 200 million active users. Like other platforms, there are phishing and scamming cases on Roblox.

Also, some users may violate federal laws or hack other accounts. Roblox bans suspected accounts to minimize these cases. Unfortunately, the platform may ban you for no reason.

So, why did Roblox ban me for no reason? The most probable cause why you received a ban on Roblox is due to internal glitches.

Since 2018, the platform has outlawed many users without committing any offense.

For example, Roblox banned Synapse users in December 2018 for using the popular FPS unlockers despite the unlockers being legal on the platform.

In other cases, your account may be hacked. The hackers may have used your account to do illegal things and therefore prompting a ban.

If that is the case, it may be hard to prove your claim to the moderator. So, it is wise to ensure that the account’s details are safe always.

Warnings and possible punishments

How many warnings until you get banned on Roblox? Different offenses have a different number of notifications.

For instance, if one creates an ad and persuades other players to click a link and try out services outside the platform, they may get at least three warnings before getting a ban.

However, if you have done nothing wrong, the ban may not have a caution.

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Fortunately, most of the bans that have no warnings are reversible. If you are sure that the ban was unwarranted, you can appeal within 30 days.

How long can you be banned from Roblox?

Unique misconducts have different penalties. Some restrictions may last a day, while others may lead to the closure of your account.

The longest ban can last until 12/31/9999, which is similar to Xbox.

However, moderators on the platform are reluctant to give users harsh punishments such as account deletion, especially if they have been active for years.

In most cases, the ban lasts for a week before the moderator allows you to access your account.

Roblox has a list of all moderation messages and punishments depending on the severity of your behavior.

How to appeal a banned Roblox account

Can you get unbanned from Roblox? Yes. Unlike its competitors, Roblox has a well-stipulated pathway for appeals.

If the ban was due to a glitch and not an illegal activity, the appeal team will review it and subsequently unban your account.

To appeal a ban on your account:

1. Fill in the appeal form

Filling in the appeal form is the first step to regaining your account. On the form, you must include your account’s details, such as your username.

Also, write a brief statement of why you are appealing in the description box on the form.

2. Wait for Roblox’s decision

After you have filed an appeal, the platform will go through your application. If you have a strong case, moderators will reverse their decision.

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However, if the reasons for suspending the account were valid, the status quo will remain.

Apart from checking the merits of your appeal, the Roblox team will check other issues.

For example, the email used on the appeal form must be the same as the one registered on the account. Also, you must complete the appeal process within 30 days after the banning notification.

Roblox accepts only one appeal. So, the moderator will not review a duplicate form.

Apart from limiting each user to one appeal only, you cannot fill the appeal form for your friend.

Can you view your terminated account?

If Roblox’s moderators do not reverse their decision to ban your account, the account will disappear automatically.

Unfortunately, if you try to view the banned profile, you will see a “Page cannot be found or no longer exists” error.

Your friends cannot view the account either. In case they try, they will see a black square, an indication that the account no longer exists.


It is possible for Roblox to ban you from the platform, even if you have done nothing illegal.

While the reason may vary from system glitch to hacking of your account, you can file an appeal and regain your account.

The process gives you a second chance to show the moderator that you are innocent and, the ban was an error from the platform’s side.

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