How to delete your resume from LinkedIn

Tim Vickers

LinkedIn has the option of uploading and displaying your resume. This option is intended to make it easier to submit your resume when applying for a job.

However, the things you include in a resume may change depending on the position you are applying for.

In addition, you may need to update your resume occasionally when you acquire a new skill or qualification.

Where are resumes stored on LinkedIn?

Resumes are stored under the Manage Your Resume section on LinkedIn. This page is located under the menu item “Job Seeking Preferences.”

To delete an uploaded resume from LinkedIn:

1. Click your Photo icon on the navigation panel.

2. Select Settings & Privacy from the drop-down menu.

3. Click Data Privacy and scroll down to Job Seeking Preferences.

Job seeking preferences on LinkedIn
Job-seeking preferences on LinkedIn

4. Click on the first option, Job Application settings.

5. Your resume should appear on the next page under Manage your resumes.

6. Click on the three dots adjacent to the document and select Delete.

7. Click on Upload Resume and select the new resume to upload.

Upload a resume on LinkedIn

How to delete multiple resumes from LinkedIn

To delete multiple resumes from LinkedIn,

1. Go to LinkedIn Account Settings & Privacy.

2. Click on Data Privacy and scroll down to Job Seeking Preferences.

3. Click on the first option, Job Application settings.

4. Under Manage your Resumes, spot the resumes you wish to delete.

5. Click the three dots attached to each one by one.

Deleting a resume from LinkedIn

6. Click on the Delete option.

To prevent a backlog of multiple Resumes saved from previously applied jobs, turn off the Save uploaded resumes and answers to application questions option.

This is located just below the “Job application settings”.

How to remove your cover letter from LinkedIn

To remove an old cover letter from LinkedIn, follow the steps below:

1.      Log into your LinkedIn Account.

2.      Click on the Me Icon and select View profile.

3.      Click on the pencil icon in the summary section.

4.      Near the bottom of the page, locate the Media section.

5.      Click on the document and select Delete this media option.

In case you want to delete your resume from the LinkedIn app, follow these steps:

1.      Log into your app.

2.      Tap on the Jobs icon at the bottom of the page.

3.      At the top of the page, tap on the three dots next to the messages icon.

4.      Click on Application settings from the menu that will pop up at the bottom.

5.      Under the Job application settings, locate your resume.

6.      Click on the three dots next to it and select delete.

Deleting a resume from LinkedIn

How to manage your stored job applicant accounts

You can create job applicant accounts to use when you apply for jobs on LinkedIn.

These accounts can be accessed from your settings. Follow the steps below to view your accounts:

1.      Click on the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn page.

2.      Click on Settings & Privacy.

3.      Click on Data Privacy and scroll down to Job-Seeking Preferences.

4.      Click on Stored job applicant accounts.

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