FM WhatsApp April 2024 Update: Anti-ban, New UI, & More

At a glance:

  • Improved anti-ban system to prevent account bans
  • Redesigned user interface with customization options
  • Search messages by date
  • Support for multiple WhatsApp accounts
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

FM WhatsApp just rolled out the April 2024 version, its biggest update yet for 2024. This modified version of WhatsApp brings many new features and improvements focused on enhancing privacy, customization, and the overall experience on your phone.

The developers have also doubled down on protecting you from getting banned. They’ve upgraded the anti-ban system to better mask your use of FM WhatsApp from WhatsApp’s detectors.

What’s New in FM WhatsApp?

These are the new features you’ll get with FM WhatsApp:

1. Anti-Ban System Upgrades

The core anti-ban features under the hood got a major boost. It now fixes SMS/call verification issues some faced when setting up new numbers. 

The feature also stops WhatsApp from collecting your data to help prevent tracking of modified app use. Plus, it randomizes your device info and traffic patterns for added stealth against their evolving detection methods.

While not a permanent solution, the upgrade helps add an extra layer of obfuscation against WhatsApp’s evolving detection methods for banned clients.

2. Redesigned User Interface

FM WhatsApp brings a fresh, sleek new look to the app interface and customization options:

  • Apply custom accent colors, background patterns/images, and change chat bubble colors and styles.
  • Customize call screen colors, notification icon colors.
  • The UI looks cleaner and brings popular desktop app designs to your phone screen.
  • Quoted message customizer for customizing the colors of quoted message boxes in conversations for better visibility and organization.
  • The new UI also integrates the latest official WhatsApp UI design for a more consistent experience.
  • Light/Dark Mode is finally available in the GBMods settings menu.


3. Multiple Accounts Support

With the multiple accounts feature, you can now easily switch between two or more active WhatsApp profiles linked to different phone numbers directly from the FM WhatsApp app on your device. 

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Keep your conversations separate from work or client chats. You no longer need to sign out and back in again to change accounts. It also allows using different accounts simultaneously for chatting with friends and colleagues on your phone.

Source: Screenshot

4. Status Features

The latest version enables you to send text, image, and media Status updates from your linked devices. You cannot send status updates on linked devices when using normal WhatsApp.

Source: Telegram/FouadMODS

5. Bug Fixes & Improvements

Along with the new features, FM WhatsApp also includes several bug fixes and performance improvements:

  • Fixed crashes experienced on some devices
  • Improved voice message playback
  • Reduced duplicate notification issues
  • Faster message-sending times

6. New Installation Procedure

To install FM WhatsApp, existing users must uninstall any previously modded WhatsApp versions first and then download and install the new version

To keep your chat history, you must rename the WhatsApp data folder to match the new FM WhatsApp package name before installing it.

Here are the key steps:

  • Uninstall your existing FM WhatsApp or other modded app
  • Go to Android > Media >WhatsApp folder
  • Rename this folder to FM WhatsApp
  • Install the new FM WhatsApp version
  • Setup your account, and chats should be restored
  • Clear any residual WhatsApp cache/data from your device’s app settings if you have installation issues.

Reported Bugs After the New FM WhatsApp Update

Some users have reported the following bugs after installing the latest FM WhatsApp update:

  • Installation Failed: Several users couldn’t install the new version even after uninstalling the previous modded app and following the renaming instructions.
  • Crashes on Certain Devices: The update is causing crashes and freezes on select device models, rendering FM WhatsApp unusable.
  • Delayed Notifications: Some users are experiencing delayed or missed notifications for new messages.
  • Background Battery Drain: There are complaints of excessive battery drain when FM WhatsApp runs in the background.
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