Indeed messages not working: Troubleshooting tips

Tim Vickers

If you are an avid user of Indeed, then you know job messages are a key component in a job search. The last thing you would want when urgently hunting for a job is Indeed messages not working.

If this is your predicament, we will explore the reasons why this occurs. You will also find troubleshooting tips that you can use to fix this problem.

You’ll also learn how to fix other issues that may arise in the future so that you don’t miss messages that could potentially enhance your career.

Why does this occur?

According to the Indeed Community forum, this is the most common problem that many users have faced. So, why does it occur?

  • Ad-blockers: Ad-blockers on your device can prevent the display of your messages.
  • Cache and cookie settings: The temporary cache and cookie files found on your browser may limit you from viewing the most updated version of the messages

How do you fix the Indeed inbox not working?

If your Indeed account’s inbox isn’t working:

  1. You can temporarily disable your Ad-blockers to allow your messages to appear on your browser. Web browsers provide extensions on their Add-ons pages; you can download them to help you temporarily block ads. You can also always remove them once you have accessed your messages.
  2. Clear the cache and regulate your cookies settings. Rebooting your device will achieve this, and following a cache key shortcut specific to your device.

Indeed not loading or showing a blank page

This issue may present itself in 3 ways. The page may not load after signing in with your credentials. You may also not be able to log in to your account or find a 503 network error.

  1. Reboot your browser by holding CTRL + F5 keys for a fresh start.
  2. Clear your cache and cookie settings to allow the loading of an updated page on your browser.
  3. Clear your local DNS cache and get the most up-to-date DNS from your ISP to help you access the site easier and faster.
  4. Check with the Indeed support team for any abrupt disruption of the service. The service may have run into technical difficulties that can only be solved from their end.
  5. Check your network connectivity by trying to open other searches. If they do not open, then your network may have a connectivity issue.
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I cannot see all my messages

This occurs when you receive notifications for new messages, but you can’t access them or older messages won’t open on your account.

What to do:

  1. Check your email for the message. When you get Indeed messages from employers, they are also sent to the email listed in your Indeed account. Make sure also to check the emails in the spam folder.
  2. Contact the Indeed support team on the site for more technical help.

I can’t send messages!

This may have happened when you received messages from interested employers, and you tried to reply on the job board, but your messages were not sent.

If you can’t send messages on Indeed:

  1. Look for the email notification and click ‘interested’. This action will take you to the employer’s board, where you can create a personalized message.
  2. Contact the Indeed support team through their help centre page.

How to delete old messages

The disclaimer here is that you cannot delete messages on the phone app, but you can delete them on a laptop or desktop.

Here is how you can delete old messages on Indeed.

  1. At the top of the message board, click on ‘Edit’
  2. Select the old messages you want to delete
  3. Click ‘Delete’ to get rid of the messages

Your old messages have now been deleted.

However, there are types of messages that you can’t delete, and they include messages from employers, such as job inquiries and interview information. This function is not available as of now.

You can also delete notifications, including job alerts. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on ‘Notifications’
  3. Click on the ‘X’ next to the notification you choose
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The selected notifications will be deleted.

Don’t let a job opportunity pass you by

Indeed is a platform where you can find international employment opportunities. Since this is a process that involves you and potential employers, it is important that the messaging system stays efficient and on alert.

If you have any issues, the above tips can help troubleshoot and fix them. However, if you can’t correct the problem, the helpful support team is only a contact away.

That way, you never miss a job message or a life-changing career opportunity ever again.

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