Can employers on Indeed see how many jobs you applied for?

Lillie Spikes

Finding a job online is a process that requires time and effort. A platform like Indeed is the best for sending out your applications in the hopes of getting employment.

However, in some cases, many people apply for jobs without getting hired. That can be frustrating, especially with the notion that other employers avoid them because they have applied for many jobs.

But can employers on Indeed see how many jobs you’ve applied for recently?

Indeed offers a dashboard to both employers and job seekers. However, the dashboard is different for both parties.

As a job seeker, your Indeed profile includes several sections like Saved Jobs, Applied Jobs, Interviews, and Archived Jobs.

But while you can see the number of jobs you have applied for, employers on Indeed cannot see how many jobs you applied for recently.

However, they can only view the number of jobs you applied for if you applied from the same employer several times.

What do employers see on my Indeed profile?

Employers on Indeed have access to different information about a potential employee, including:

  • Location: Employers can view the location (city and state) you provided on your resume.
  • Phone number: Employers will view your phone number on your resume.
  • Indeed alias: Indeed gives job seekers an auto-generated email address alias. The purpose is to protect and secure a user’s actual email address. If the employer uses the email address alias, you will receive the communication in your actual email address.
  • Resume: Employers have access to any resume you upload on Furthermore, Indeed gives you a generated resume. Therefore, employers will see any information you include on the resume and other details like assessment scores or anything you make public on your profile.
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Can your current employer see your resume on Indeed?

Your current employer can see your resume on Indeed if you make it public. Note that your employer can only view specific information, including name, city and state, work experience, education, skills, assessments, and certifications.

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But if you do not want your resume to be public, you can hide it from your current employer by making it private.

In that case, your current employer will not access it from the Indeed database. They will only see your resume if you apply for other roles.

Can employers see my profile on Indeed?

An employer on Indeed does not have access to your profile. That is because keeps the profile confidential.

Employers cannot see the jobs you applied for or any active roles you may have on your account.

However, if you apply for a job from the same employer, they will only have to find your name on their dashboard and get a list of all the jobs you previously applied for in their organization.


So, can employers on Indeed see how many jobs you’ve applied for recently? Employers on Indeed cannot see the jobs you applied for or active roles on your Indeed account.

They can only see your resume, email alias, phone number, and location that you provided. But you can also make your resume private to prevent employers from accessing it.

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