Gamepigeon Filler – How to play, strategy, tips and tricks

Tim Vickers

GamePigeon is one of the best and most addictive mobile gaming apps found on iMessage.

Some of the games found on iMessage include chess, checkers, shuffleboard, Filler, and 20 Questions, among others. Players use text messages to create a unique gaming experience between them.

But how do you play GamePigeon Filler?

Generally, Filler is a game where you must fill up two-thirds of your screen with balls. You will be making those circles while at the same time escaping the bouncy ones that act as an obstacle.

After filling up your mobile screen, you will have completed the first level onto the next. The bouncy balls will increase in number as you go move to the higher levels.

That means you will only be in a position of creating fewer circles.

How to play Filler on GamePigeon

Filler on GamePigeon

Follow the steps below to know how to play the Filler game on GamePigeon.

  • Open the game on iOS or go to the developer website
  • Once there, click and hold the mouse to start growing a circle or filler ball
  • Hold down for longer to grow a larger ball
  • The ball will not grow after you let go or when it collides with the bouncy circle
  • You can always free the mouse to make a filler ball before colliding with the obstacle
  • Continue until you fill up two-thirds of the playing area top pass the level

After a successful level, the game will add more atoms or bouncy balls. Watch out for them when playing.

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Tips and tricks

You need the best strategy for GamePigeon Filler to ensure you go through as many levels as possible.

GamePigeon Filler

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you out.

  • When you click and hold the mouse, move it around the empty areas to avoid colliding with the obstacle
  • Always try to trap the larger atoms or bouncy balls so that they do not destroy your filler balls
  • The first ball you create should be the biggest of them all
  • Always use your extra circles to force the larger atoms out of your empty screen. That will give you more space to create bigger ones
  • It is helpful to know the number of lives and balls left
  • Take advantage of the extra circles and lives given to you in the game. That will help you to deal with the more challenging levels.

Another strategy to ensure that you always win in GamePigeon Filler is to take advantage of the bouncy circles.

In other words, use them to move aside the small balls you have created. That will allow you to use the spaces to make bigger filler balls.

Win against your friends in GamePigeon Filler

As one of the many iMessage games, Filler is addictive and fun to play.

During gameplay, you will see the share of balls you have filled on the screen. You will also know your remaining time, the number of circles you can make, and your remaining lives.

The game will tally them in your final score.

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