GamePigeon 8-Ball Pool: How to play, cheats, tips, tricks

Tim Vickers

GamePigeon is an interesting collection of games on iMessage. Sometimes the games become somehow tough and you definitely need some help.

One of the most popular games that people really try hard to beat their friends at is 8-ball pool.

You can easily become an expert on 8-ball pool through enough practice.

Alternatively, you can easily use 8-ball pool cheats to beat your friends on this iMessage game. Cheats will unlock levels and help you pass tough setups.

Here is how to play 8-ball pool on iMessage perfectly.

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How to start an 8-ball pool game on GamePigeon

8 ball pool on GamePigeon

To start the game just open iMessage and on the apps find 8-ball Pool. Send it to the contact you want to play with and the game will initiate.

Your competitor must have installed the game before you can be able to play.

The rules of the iMessage 8-ball pool are just the same rules of the contemporary 8 ball pool.

You first arrange the balls and aim with a v-shaped indicator.

The white ball will hit the balls and the sequence follows only this time taking aim from the current position of the white ball.

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GamePigeon 8-Ball Pool tips and tricks

Use these tips to win games in 8-Ball Pool:

1. Get the opening play right

The first tip is to always aim for the second last ball on the last row of balls when opening play.

Once you aim for the ball power up to a full bar and release the shot.

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This way at least one ball will be pocketed and the rest well lined for easy pickings.

2. Get the game settings right

You can navigate to the bottom part of the screen to find the game settings such as music, sound, and images.

Disable these settings to save battery and cellular data.

3. Use a ruler

8 ball pool with a ruler

You can use a ruler to find the perfect angle when playing. Angle the ruler to measure up how the ball will go and then aim for the holes correctly.

4. Take note of the aim circle

Observe the aim circle before taking any shot. If the aim circle has lines on the middle do not take the shot but adjust the aim until it disappears.

There are not many Gamepigeon 8-ball pool cheats but the above ones will surely give you an edge when playing.

Combine the tips well to be able to get the results.

In the event that you do not have a ruler find any item with a straight edge to line up the shot.

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