Why won’t GamePigeon work? Here’s the fix!

Tim Vickers

You’ve just learned about this new game that can be played via iMessage and can’t wait to play. You let your friend know about it and a few minutes later the two of you want to try out the game.

However, whenever you make your move the other person can only view images instead of the gameplay. So, why is GamePigeon not working?

Well, there are many instances where the app just won’t open. Sometimes, GamePigeon doesn’t even show at all under iMessage apps. So, how do you go about fixing these problems?

In this guide, I will show you, step-by-step, how to fix various problems that may occur while using GamePigeon on your iOS device. It can be frustrating when GamePigeon is not working on your iOS device.

I’ve listed and explained solutions to the most common problems that many users have encountered while playing this game. Please scroll down to your specific issue to find ways to solve it.

Why GamePigeon is not working on your device

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If you have downloaded GamePigeon and installed it on your device, but it doesn’t show up on iMessage or even in the AppStore, then the following solutions will come in handy for you.

In some cases, you can easily delete GamePigeon and redownload the app from the Apple App Store.

However, there are situations whereby you won’t be able to download the app, and instead, you’ll be getting a message that the app you are trying to download is already installed.

To fix GamePigeon when it doesn’t download or isn’t showing up in iMessage, try these steps:

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1. Sign Out of your Apple ID

  • Settings > iTunes and App Stores
  • Tap your Apple ID
  • Sign out then the sign in back again

2. Renew connection lease

  • Open Settings > WiFi
  • Tap the info icon just below the WiFi toggle
  • Tap renew lease

3. Change date and time

  • Tap Settings > General > Date and Time
  • Tap Set Automatically

4. Restart your device

  • Close all open apps
  • Restart your iPhone

5. Restore your device

  • Go to settings > General > reset
  • Tap reset your network then reconnect to the internet
  • If it still doesn’t work, then reset your app settings

Hopefully, these solutions have helped to fix Gamepigeon when it says it has downloaded but it isn’t showing or opening.

GamePigeon apps won’t connect? Here’s what to do

GamePigeon apps

When GamePigeon apps won’t connect, it is usually due to a network issue. Try these steps:

1. Renew the network connection lease

  • Open Settings > WiFi
  • Tap the info icon just below the WiFi toggle
  • Tap renew lease

2. Restore your network settings

  • Go to settings > General > reset
  • Tap reset your network
  • Reconnect to the internet and try again

GamePigeon shows up as a picture on iMessage? The real fix

If your gameplay shows up as an image when you are sending or receiving them, try this fix:

  • Open Settings > Messages
  • Toggle iMessage ON
  • Toggle Send an SMS OFF

You should now be able to send and receive GamePigeon gameplay messages. If GamePigeon is not working after this fix, close and reopen your iMessage app.

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Make sure it isn’t running in the background when you close it.

If I haven’t listed the issue you are currently facing, don’t hesitate to let me know via the comments section below, and I’ll do my best to find and share a solution within the shortest time possible.



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