GamePigeon 20 Questions: How to play, cheats, tips, tricks

GamePigeon’s 20 Questions is an excellent game to play when you need something to keep you busy and sharp. This one of the widely played iMessage games. The game takes an open trivia format that allows the users to control the flow of the game. This makes it quite unpredictable and interesting to play.

In this guide, we will show you how to play 20 Questions over text. The game requires two or more players to begin with. The range of questions selected will to the players discretion. The rules for this game just few. Read on for the gameplay, rules, and cheats to get around the game and win against your friends.

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Gameplay and rules

The gameplay involves two players. It has only a few steps to follow.

  1. Think of an object

The first player has to visualize an object without saying it. The object has to be categorized.

You are then supposed to tell the second player what that category is. Some of the popular categories include animal, plant or automobile.

  1. The next player has to ask a yes or no question

The other player will ask a yes or no question in order to gain more information about the object.

The first player will only respond with a yes or a no.

  1. Continue with the questions

The players will continue taking turns asking the yes or no questions. The limit of the questions is 20.

Therefore, a player must be able to riddle out the answer within 20 Questions.

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  1. The player should be able to guess the object at any time.

Allow the player to guess an object by asking in a yes or no question phrase. An example could be, is the object a soccer ball?

  1. Use the least possible guesses

The winner will be a player who has guessed the object within the fewest number of questions.

To increase the challenge, reduce the number of questions each round you play. Finally, the winner chooses the next mystery object.

The winner of the previous round will then choose the mystery object that other players will have to find.

Gamepigeon cheats for 20 questions

How to win 20 Questions on GamePigeon will fully depend on how logical the questions about an object are.

After you have answered how does 20 Questions work? You also need to know the most likely way to win the game.

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  1. Build on information you already know

The easiest way to win is to ask related follow up questions. For instance it makes more sense once you have found the object to be animal, to ask whether it is a bird or an insect rather than whether it is a kangaroo.

  1. Ask specific questions

When trying to find the object ask a question that will be specific to the thing in your mind. Open ended questions wont help in the game.

  1. Do not rush to ask questions

Process the answers of your previous questions first before asking the next one. This allows you to weigh up more options and increases the chances of getting it right.

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