GamePigeon Battleship: How to play, cheats, tips, tricks iPhone

Tim Vickers

GamePigeon Battleship is an interesting sea battle game for iMessage. It is a fan favorite game as it offers compelling challenges. Players always find themselves glued to the game and trying to win all battles at hand.

How to play Battleship on iMessage is not any different from how you would play it on a real-life board. It is all about Battleship strategies and nothing else.

Players who are able to craft the best routes and tricks always carry the day. This is a multiplayer game which means you can play Battleship with friends.

However, be sure to properly understand the game before taking on a challenge.

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Gameplay and rules

The amazing thing about GamePigeon Battleship is its authenticity. The game follows all Battleship rules and does not offer surprises.

Battleship on GamePigeon
Image: Reddit/Sebdotmp4

The rules are quite simple:

  1. Position your ship on the board. All the players have to position their Battleships on the board to start off the game.
  2. Guess the position of the enemy’s ships. The next step for the player is to guess the position of the other player’s or enemy’s ship.
  3. Destroy the ship. A player who will completely destroy the enemy’s ship first wins the game.

Since this is a strategy game, most people usually look for the easiest way out. It is however not easy to correctly predict how each player will play in this type of game.

Therefore, many players are always in search of iMessage Battleship cheats. There are no straightforward Battleship iMessage game cheats but only tips that make the games easier.

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Tips and tricks

There are a few strategies for winning. However, the best plays are listed below.

1. Checkerboarding

This involves thinking of the Battleship board as a checkerboard. A checkerboard will have adjacent squares of different colors.

Make sure you hit on the patterns as each square will have a component of the ship. This means that you will generally reduce the area you will need to fire at by half.

2. Create targets

GamePigeon Battleship
Image: Twitter/ElsieKFisher

This means once you hit a ship you need to make your target the surrounding area.

No matter what type of a square it is fire on all the areas to get the next target.

3. Establish probable target area

You should try and find out the places where the ship will most likely be formed from. Areas such as the corners of the board or the edges are least likely to hold the ships.

But the center of the board allows a player to align their ship in any manner they want to.

Most players avoid making straight picks. This means that all the ships on the board are likely to have different orientations.

This should guide you when destroying targets to focus on the targets that are least likely since that is what each player would want to go for.

GamePigeon Battleship cheats are just these strategies well executed. You can test the strategies severally and be sure to enjoy the game.

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