How to play Mancala on iMessage GamePigeon

Mancala is one of the oldest board games in the world. While the count-and-capture game requires physical interaction, technology has redefined this feature. Nowadays, you can play Mancala with your friends through iMessage. So how do you do it? Are there any cheats to help you beat your friends? Read on to find out. Mancala gameplay and rules on iMessage The Mancala gameplay and regulations have remained untouched for centuries. The main Mancala Avalanche rules include: You can only play ...


7 best iMessage multiplayer games for 2,3, and 4 players

Apple transformed mobile text gaming when they allowed gamers to play games with their phone contacts through iMessage. The company maintains end-to-end privacy, ensuring there are no interruptions in your chats while you play games simultaneously. Nowadays, many multiplayer games are available through iMessage. For those who would fancy multiplayer games, iMessage games for group chats are also available. However, with this wealth of choices comes the struggle of choosing the best games to play. 7 fun iMessage games to play ...