GamePigeon basketball: How to play, cheats, tips, tricks

Tim Vickers

GamePigeon offers a variety of mini-games for iMessage users. Basketball is one of the well-known games within the collection. iMessage basketball is a well-developed game that has good graphics and an interactive game engine.

These features make the game complex to play at the advanced levels. Many people end up looking for answers on how to play basketball on GamePigeon.

There are regulations guiding the game which must be considered first before beginning the challenge. The tips of becoming a good basketball player are listed below.

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Gameplay and rules

First ensure the game is properly installed and all available updates are installed. If you wish play on a multiplayer mode, make sure the other player does the same and updates the game.

The game will have different rounds with different challenges. Bu the main aim will be to score as many baskets as possible. The distance to the hoop will vary depending on what level you are playing.

For you to score you have to aim perfectly at the basket and ensure the ball goes through. This means the amount of power you put on the shot will depend on the distance and elevation angle.

There are a few ways to go past these tussles and win GamePigeon games. The tips are discussed below.

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Basketball on Game Pigeon

Tips and Tricks

GamePigeon cheats are usually hard to come by. For you to be able to successfully cheat through levels on basketball you have to practice for a good number of hours.

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Basketball cheats on GamePigeon are all about your positioning and timing. There are no hidden codes or ester eggs for these mini-games.

The first trick to winning is by tapping the ball and then hoop as quick as you can. This way you will find that you barely miss any shot.

Alternatively, you can have one of your fingers on the ball and the other on the rim. Then you tap the ball first and tap the rim next in quick succession. If you do this well you will have a good conversion rate.

To be able to do this well you have to adopt a rhythm of letting the ball. Once you have continuous flow in hitting the ball you have to do it lightly.

Once you master the techniques you can up the challenge by introducing bets with your friends to benefit of your excellence in the game.

There are additional things that will make the game experience more fluid. You can turn off the music to reduce the draining of your battery first. This allows you to play as many rounds of basketball as you would wish.

Turning off sounds will also reduce the amount of cellular data used when playing the game. Make sure you play a few rounds of basketball to polish off your skills before challenging a friend.

It is easy to pick up momentum if you have been practicing before getting to a match. If you consider these you will definitely win GamePigeon games.


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