5 best free sports games for Meta Quest 2

In Meta Quest 2, you can take your love of sports to the next level by playing in a virtual, immersive environment.

And you don’t even have to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive VR games; Instead, you can find several free sports games for Meta Quest 2.

Meta Quest 2 VR Sports games come in all forms, from single-player to multiplayer versions that you can enjoy with friends.

Below is a look at the top five games you can download and play for free.


VRFS, a virtual football simulation game
VRFS allows you to perform realistic soccer moves in the metaverse. Image: vrfs.gg

VRFS (Virtual Reality Football Simulator) is one of the top free football games on Oculus Quest 2. The game supports single-player, multiplayer, and co-op modes, which gives you a wide range of playing options.

VRFS game has several features that make it one of the best sports games on Meta Quest 2. The first is a physics simulation engine that allows you to perform real-like football tricks like curved shots, long passes, and balancing the ball with your feet.

The game also has a multiplayer architecture that allows fast response when moving the ball around.

Another amazing feature of VRFS is that it is completely free, meaning you don’t need to spend money to improve your skills in the game. Instead, your skills will improve with practice, as if you were playing football in real life.

VRFS is also very easy to play, and you can play while sitting down, standing, or moving about โ€“ wherever you are most comfortable.

The VRFS game is still in development, so you might encounter a few kinks that need fixing. On the other hand, you can enjoy even more cool and exciting features as more versions are released.

2. Gym Class โ€“ Basketball VR

Playing basketball in Gym Class - Basketball VR
In Gym Class – Basketball you can play basketball virtually with people from all over the world. Image: meta.com

Gym Class โ€“ Basketball VR is a must-play on Meta Quest 3 if you are a basketball fan. The game immerses you into a virtual world where you can shoot hoops, dunk, pass, and perform several other moves that you would do if you were on a basketball court.

For the single-player mode, Gym Class VR takes you to a gym basketball court, where you can practice dribbling, shooting, passing, and dunking. This great feature allows you to get a feel of the game.

If you want more excitement, the multiplayer mode in Gym Class VR is where all the fun is. The game allows you to play with up to 8 friends in a 4v4 game where you can perform cool dribbles, dunks, and blocks while trying to outscore the other team.

You can also use the online multiplayer option to play against other users in the metaverse or chat and hang out with other basketball fans.

Gym Class VR is still in development, so it doesn’t have as many features as expected in a finished game. However, it is a cool and exciting game that will keep you entertained in the metaverse.

3. Blacktop Hoops

Playing street basketball in Blacktop Hoops VR game
Blacktop Hoops has a mode where you can practice against AI opponents to hone your skills. Image: sidequestvr.com

Blacktop Hoops is another of the top free sports games for Meta Quest 2 for basketball lovers. Like Gym Class VR, Blacktop Hoops allows you to perform some cool basketball moves, either solo or in the multiplayer mode.

However, Blacktop Hoops is even better because it has cooler and more sophisticated features. Therefore, the game offers an arcade-like environment that is very exciting.

In Blacktop Hoops, you can hone your skills in single-player mode by practising against AI opponents with five difficult levels. This lets you learn how the game works while developing cool basketball moves.

In the multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends (up to eight players) in private courts or hang out and play pick-up games in casual (public) courts. You can also compete in ranked matches, climbing the leaderboard after every win.

You can team up with your friends during the ranked matches. This allows you to move up the leaderboard ranking faster.

Blacktop Hoops is still in development, so you might experience one or two issues. However, it certainly has cooler features than you would expect with a free game.

4. Gravity League

The gravity environment in Gravity League VR game
Gravity League allows you to have fun in a virtual zero-gravity environment. Image: meta.com

Gravity League is another exciting free sports game in Meta Quest 2. It is an exciting game that you can enjoy solo in the single-player mode or with other friends (1v1 or 2v2) in multiplayer mode.

Playing Gravity League is very simple. You only need to outscore your opponent and reach 11 goals before they do.

The game also features body movements similar to boxing, air hockey, tennis, or soccer. Therefore, in addition to a thrilling VR experience, you are guaranteed to work up a good sweat. 

Gravity League also features an exciting online PvP mode, where you can compete in ranked matches with other users and work your way up the leaderboard rankings.

In addition, you can enjoy cool features like quirky commentators, stadiums full of roaring crows, and stylish apparel.

5. Volleggball

Vollegball, one of the top free sports game for Meta Quest 2
Play volleyball and explore a virtual island in Volleggball VR. Image: sidequestvr.com

Volleggball is another of the top free Meta Quest sports games you can play today. It is a quirky game that features egg-like avatars, hence the name.

Despite the quirky nature, Volleggball is an exciting game where you can enjoy playing volleyball like in real life.

The best part about Volleggball is that you can perform cool volleyball moves like serving, passing, blocking, and spiking. On top of that, you can explore the game’s island environment for a fun-filled, interactive VR adventure experience.

The one downside with Volleggball is that the game’s graphics are simple. However, it promises an exciting sports and adventure experience, much more than you can hope with a free VR game.

Which of these games do you find thrilling? Let us know in the comments below!


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