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best free horror games for Meta Quest 2

5 best free horror games for Meta Quest 2

Do you enjoy horror movies, TV shows, and video games? Then, you can up the ante by looking up some free horror games for Meta Quest 2. By playing a horror game in the VR world, you will feel like you are in the thick of things rather than in the safety of your home. The best part is that you can find many free horror games on Meta Quest 2 that will allow you to have fun without breaking ...

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Why Meta Quest 2 apps are not showing and how to fix

Many Meta Quest 2 users have found themselves in a situation whereby they power up their device to start a game but do not see their games. The only applications displayed are the files and settings. The issue has happened for a while and has annoyed many users because they cannot access their paid or free games. So, why is Meta Quest 2 not showing apps, and how can you fix it? The Meta Quest 2 stopped showing apps after ...