Fix Tinder error 5000 in a few simple steps

Tim Vickers

Tinder is a social app that allows users to connect, match profiles and have a private conversation. Tinder has many subscribers since at most times it is reliable. Unlike other dating apps and sites, Tinder rarely experiences downtimes. This, however, does not mean the service is perfect.

Users face glitches from time to time on Tinder. One popular error is Tinder error 5000. This bugs particularly affects the logging in the process to Tinder. This is usually frustrating as it leaves all your chats in jeopardy.

Why does error 5000 occur on Tinder?

It is important to know that error 5000 is primarily due to a failure to login. If you are facing other problems such as Tinder is not loading, you might need other methods to solve the respective errors.

Once you have established that Tinder error code 5000 is what you are facing, start by restarting your device. Establish the connection to Tinder afresh and sees if it picks up.

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How to fix error 5000 on Tinder

Here are a few steps to fix Tinder error 5000:

Method #1: Update Tinder

Another important thing to note is that Tinder app regularly receives updates. You need to keep updated for the app to run smoothly. You should also ensure your device supports the current versions of Tinder.

Tinder app became available for devices with iOS 10 or higher and for Android 5 and above.  If your device does not meet these requirements then that’s definitely the problem. In this case, you will have to get one that will support Tinder.

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Method #2: Clear cache and data

Follow these steps to clear cache and data from Tinder:

  1. Open Settings on your device
  2. Open the apps option
  3. Look for Tinder app on the list
  4. Clear cache and data on the app
  5. Reboot your device and log in

Other options

If you are still getting the notice there was a problem logging into Tinder, try these other methods:

First, you should close the app and restart it after 5 minutes. Sometimes Tinder experiences system error. These occasionally happen to multiple users at the same time. Restarting the app establishes a new connection.

Ensure you are using your subscription account. The subscription you take will only apply to one Tinder account. You will have a problem logging in to Tinder with details from another account. You should first delete your old account, log in to the new one and select the restore purchase option to use your subscription on another account.

When fixing errors related to Tinder, always be careful not to clear your information or delete the account. This will mean you lose all, the information and chats. You can always reinstall the app if the problem persists.

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