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How to delete a MeetMe account

MeetMe is one of the most popular dating platforms that allows strangers from any part of the world to date. Aside from meeting new dating prospects, you can also use it to meet people with similar interests, thus making lots of new friends. But what if you are no longer interested in using the platform? With most social networking sites, such as MeetMe, you post a lot of information, and as long as the profile is active, it will be ...


How to clear Tinder cache and reset swipes

Tinder is one of the world’s most popular dating apps with over 26 million matches per day. It has a couple of exciting features payable by its premium users as well as other free and limited features. If you’ve used the service without it’s premium or gold subscriptions, then you’ve probably encountered things like your swipes running out or the inability to reset a left swipe made. This piece addresses clearly ways to navigate through the popular site, either through ...

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Fix Tinder error 5000 in a few simple steps

Tinder is a social app that allows users to connect, match profiles and have a private conversation. Tinder has many subscribers since at most times it is reliable. Unlike other dating apps and sites, Tinder rarely experiences downtimes. This, however, does not mean the service is perfect. Users face glitches from time to time on Tinder. One popular error is Tinder error 5000. This bugs particularly affects the logging in the process to Tinder. This is usually frustrating as it ...