American Idol app not working? Here’s a working fix

Tim Vickers

American Idol app was a welcome addition for the many dedicated fans of the show. The app can give the fans a chance to share their views as well as watch and vote for their favorite acts of the popular show. The voting process is quite easy, which makes the app a good asset for the show.

However, like any other app in the market, the American Idol voting app faces its share of misgivings. The error experienced can luckily be fixed without much strain.

American Idol app not working – quick fixes

Below are ways of fixing associated with the app.

Step 1: Quit the app

The first thing to do when experiencing issues with the application is to exit it. This allows you to see whether it was that particular instance that was messed up or if the app has developed any issues.

There are times when even quitting the app becomes an issue. If you reach such a point, you will need to force the app to quit. Follow these steps:

  1. Double click the home button on your phone
  2. Select the app that you want to stop
  3. Swipe up the app to force quit
  4. Restart the app

For Android users, tap the soft rectangle key on the lower right side of the phone, select the app you intend to close, and swipe it up to force quit. Restart the app to see if it works well this time.

Step 2: Check for updates.

American Idol app free download undergoes multiple updates over time. To keep up with the voting codes and other information regularly check for available updates.

Updates are essential since they keep you well connected to the app servers. A newer app version usually comes with many added features.

  1. Open your app store
  2. Go to settings
  3. Activate ‘auto-updates.’

This will allow you to receive all app updates when they come.

Step 3: Restart your phone

Only a simple device restart can fix the American Idol voting app. There are a few issues that are only solved by the whole system reboot. Turn your device off for about 2 minutes.

You can also restart your connection settings before opening the app. This means activating airplane mode on your device for a minute. Turn airplane mode back off and unlock the device.

Step 4: Delete and reinstall the app

Another quick solution when you want to vote on the American Idol app is to delete it and get it again. There are instances when all the preferences selected on your current app make it hard for you to operate it properly.

To cast a vote on American Idol under short timelines, you may need to reinstall the app if you have been facing problems with the app.

  1. Quit the American idol app
  2. Find the app on your home screen
  3. Click and hold on to it
  4. Drag it to the uninstall bin at the top of your screen.

On your iPhone, click and hold the app until it starts to wiggle. You then have to tap the X sign that appears. Once you have uninstalled it, go back to your App Store and download and install the app again.

With the processes above, hopefully, you have found what works for you and that the issue has been solved.


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