How to get unbanned from Walmart online

One of the top ways to get unbanned from Walmart is to appeal to the company to lift your ban. This will allow you to continue shopping at the online retail store, thus enjoying competitive prices and other offers.

There are also other ways to get unbanned from the retail store besides appealing. For example, you can hire a lawyer to represent you in legal proceedings to have the ban quashed.

Here is everything you need to know about a Walmart online ban, including reasons for such bans and how long they last. We have also covered top tips on getting your ban lifted.

Reasons why you might be banned from Walmart online

Several reasons can lead to you being added to the Walmart banned list. These include:

  1. Too many returns and requests for refunds without valid reasons.
  2. Cancelling too many back-to-back orders.
  3. Operating duplicate accounts.
  4. Violating Walmart’s Terms of Use
  5. If suspected of using your account for fraud or scams

Besides these reasons, Walmart can also ban you from their online platform if you are banned from a physical store.

For example, people who are banned for shoplifting are denied access to the retailer’s services on all platforms, including online shopping.

An example is Johanna Cassimore, a Hopatcong native, who was banned for shoplifting dog food worth $100.

How long does a Walmart online ban last?

Walmart’s online bans vary depending on the reason and the specific circumstances. For example, in the case of minor terms of use violations, you may be able to lift a Walmart ban after a few days.

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Unfortunately, Walmart could also ban you for a lengthy period. For example, a serious violation of terms of use can result in your account being terminated.

In addition, Walmart can issue you a lifetime ban for things like shoplifting, which would make you unable to shop at their online store.

Can you shop from Walmart online if you are banned?

You cannot shop from the Walmart online store if you have been banned. If the ban comes from your online account, any orders you place will be cancelled. You can only shop again if you get the ban lifted.

A person using a credit card to shop for goods online.
Getting unbanned from Walmart will allow you to shop online hassle-free. Image:

Technically, you can still place orders from Walmart online after being banned, for example, if you use a second account.

You may also be able to place orders online if you have been banned from a Walmart physical store.

However, such actions can attract consequences, such as having your orders cancelled if discovered or being charged for Walmart trespassing.  

How do I get unbanned from Walmart online?

Below are the top ways you can get unbanned from Walmart online:

1. Appeal to the Walmart Customer Service

One of the easiest ways to get your Walmart ban lifted is to contact Walmart Customer Service.

You can then ask them to provide a reason for the ban (if one was not issued) and solutions on how you can resolve it.

You can also appeal a Walmart ban if you have been banned from a physical store for something like shoplifting.

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In such a case, you may have to contact Walmart’s headquarters and appeal (or apologize for your actions), in which case the retailer might lift the ban.

2. Hire a lawyer for legal proceedings

It’s possible to be banned from Walmart for something you did not do; for example, there have been cases where people have been falsely accused of shoplifting by Walmart.

Unfortunately, such accusations are usually accompanied by lengthy bans and other legal consequences.

Therefore, it is within your rights to hire a lawyer to represent you in legal proceedings to get the accusation thrown out.

You can also hire a lawyer to lift your existing Walmart ban if you are guilty of shoplifting. In such a case, the attorney can assist you in working out a deal that would allow you to shop at the retail store again.

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