FedEx: Why your package is stuck in transit

It is quite inconvenient when your long-awaited package is stuck in transit for an extended period.

But more often than not, FedEx packages whose status reads ‘in transit’ are not particularly stuck. It could be that the package hasn’t been scanned while in its new position, or it’s on its way to you, and the delivery van has a lot of stops.

This article will teach you more about the FedEx package transit process, why your package may be stuck, and what you can do about it. 

Overview of why your FedEx package is stuck in transit

As per FedEx procedures, they require cargo handlers to scan packages at several points from the ordering point to the dispatch to transit and finally to the delivery part.

This way, customers can easily track their wares and have a rough estimate of when they will get their delivery.

However, the number of packages differs from day to day. Therefore, the frequency the handlers can scan your package varies daily.

On average, you should have received a tracking update in under 24 hours, but it’s advisable to start pursuing other avenues for trucking your package after 48 hours.

Additionally, while it could appear that your package hasn’t moved in a long while, it could be that it’s en route to its next destination, where it’s supposed to be scanned for the trucking status to be updated on your end.

Probable causes why your FedEx package hasn’t moved in a while

Something is wrong if your package has been stuck in transit for an extended period, say a month. The reasons differ, but it could be any of the ones stated below:

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1. Wrong address

FedEx tracking information
Photo: FedEx

One of the main reasons why FedEx packages get stuck in transit is wrong or incomplete addresses.

In such scenarios, the package will be transferred to your local USPS or returned to its sender; either way, you will have to incur additional charges to get it back.

2. International shipping

If you haven’t paid extra for express shipping and your package is coming from overseas, it’s not unusual for it to take a long time in transit.

Sometimes, your tracking update might stay the same for several months before you get the scheduled delivery notification.

If this is the case, make sure to contact FedEx for an update or make a plan to change your shipping method for faster delivery.

3. Wrong packaging

If your package comes in improper or unsafe packaging, it will be stopped in traffic, considering the safety of the cargo handlers, and you, in extension, would have been compromised.

Such rare scenarios arise for reasons such as the package containing sharp objects sticking out or being marked as edibles, yet the packaging is destroyed, and so forth.

A package with a shipping label
Photo: Devanath

4. Illegal item

Certain items are illegal in certain countries. Therefore, it’s imperative to confirm that the item you intend to ship doesn’t fall on the prohibited list in your country.

In such cases, the cargo handler will either send it back to its original address or destroy it. You may not see any further updates on FedEx when such a scenario occurs.

Again, you can only confirm by contacting the company and inquiring about your parcel. Make sure to provide the correct tracking ID.

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5. Lost package

Though rare, FedEx packages can get lost in transit. You may get a message informing you that the package cannot be located. But in some cases, you might not receive a message.

However, in such situations, you can file a complaint with the company and get a refund processed.

Locate your package that is stuck in transit

FedEx has a pretty accurate tracking system in place for all the packages in its system. Therefore, it’s unfortunate that your packages appear stuck in transit without any updates.

Hopefully, this article has all the information you need to navigate such a situation.

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