Everything Airbnb hosts can see about guests to screen them

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Airbnb hosts can see some information about guests when they are booking accommodation.

This can include their names, locations, and their Airbnb profile, which they can use for screening purposes.

Below is a detailed look at the information Airbnb hosts can view about guests, the screening process, and other exciting facts about Airbnb reservations.

Do Airbnb guests screen their hosts?

Yes, Airbnb hosts regularly screen their guests. They do this to avoid potential issues like:

  • Excessive property damage.
  • Renting out their properties to criminals and fraudsters.
  • Wild parties in their properties.  
  • Human and sex trafficking in their properties.
  • Prostitution or other criminal activities in their properties.

Most of all, Airbnb hosts screen guests for peace of mind when renting their properties to strangers.

Elsa, an Airbnb host raises a question on a potential client.
Having an incomplete profile or inappropriate images can lead to your Airbnb account being screened or your booking being declined by hosts.

How do Airbnb hosts screen guests?

Airbnb hosts can use several methods to screen their guests. These can include:

1. Reviewing the guest’s profile

Airbnb hosts can see a guest’s first name (or initials) and ID verification status before they make a reservation.

Once a booking is made, the hosts can see the guest’s pictures and full names, which they can use for further screening.

2. Asking questions

During the booking process, hosts can ask guests questions like their purpose of visit, full names, contact details, where they are travelling from, how long they plan to stay, and others.

The hosts can then identify potential red flags based on the answers provided (or not provided), thus protecting them from troublesome guests.

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3. Checking past Airbnb reviews

Airbnb hosts can review a guest’s profile to check the reviews they have received from other hosts. In addition, they can see the reviews the guest has left for other hosts.

Based on these reviews, they can get a clearer picture of the type of person the guest is.

4. Using social media

Some Airbnb hosts require guests to provide links to their social media accounts. In addition, hosts can search for a guest’s name on various social media sites.

The hosts can then use the information discovered from the information from guest’s social media posts to check for potential red flags.

Can Airbnb hosts see when you read their messages?

Airbnb hosts and guests use the messaging feature on the platform to communicate with each other.

According to Airbnb, the messaging feature comes with read receipts, which are turned on by default for all users.

Therefore, the host and guests can see if the other person has received and read their messages.

However, the read receipts can be turned off in the privacy settings. Therefore, if a guest has turned off this feature, a host will not know whether they have read their messages.

Are Airbnb hosts required to review guests?

Airbnb hosts and guests can leave a review for each other within 14 days after check-out.

The reviews are public and appear on the host’s or guest’s profile, where other users can see them.

However, Airbnb reviews (for both guests and hosts) are optional, and some hosts don’t bother leaving reviews.

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Do Airbnb hosts care about extra guests?

Yes, most hosts will care about extra guests during a reservation for different purposes. For example, the host might have limited space, making bringing extra guests an issue.

In addition, some hosts are uncomfortable hosting people they have not reviewed or screened.

Airbnb booking
You should inform the host about extra guests during the booking stage. Image:pexels.com

Therefore, as a guest, you must inform a host (during the booking stage) about any extra guests you will be bringing.

If you don’t, the host can cancel the reservation, turn you away, or charge you extra fees for the undeclared guests.

Can Airbnb hosts see all the guests?

During a group booking, Airbnb hosts can see the profile of the guest making the reservation.

However, as part of their house rules, they can insist that the guest provide details of each individual in the booking party.

Hosts can also ask for the guests’ ID during check-in to verify the guest’s identity.

Can Airbnb hosts report guests?

Hosts can report guests to Airbnb for various rule violations. These can include:

  • Bringing undeclared or unapproved guests with them.
  • Not respecting the check-in and check-out times.
  • Smoking inside a property when the host has explicitly indicated not to.
  • Bringing pets when they are not approved.
  • Noise.
  • Throwing parties when the host has banned them.
  • Commercial filming and photography.
  • Property damage.
  • Other host’s House Rules violations.

Depending on the guest violations, Airbnb may take appropriate steps like:

  • Issuing a warning to the guest.
  • Requiring the guest to pay for damages.
  • Suspending the guest’s account.
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