Does Amazon refund you if your package is late?

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When you add items to your Amazon cart and want to complete the purchase, Amazon will display shipping speeds and charges. The delivery speeds and charges will depend on the items in your cart and the delivery address.

However, depending on the delivery speed and product in your cart, the company also offers the Amazon Prime delivery guarantee.

Once Amazon gives you guaranteed delivery on your order, it will state the associated delivery date and cost on the checkout page. But what happens when Amazon is late in delivering your package?

If Amazon places a guaranteed delivery date on the items in your package, the company must deliver it within that specified time.

The company gives its customers the option of Guaranteed Morning, Same-Day, One-Day, and Two-Day Delivery.

Since your order has a guaranteed delivery date, but Amazon fails to make it by this date or time, they will refund your shipping fees.

However, you must fulfil specific conditions to get a refund.

Can you get a refund from Amazon if your package is late?

You may be eligible for the Amazon Prime late delivery compensation if you have the guaranteed delivery date, but Amazon has failed to deliver on time. Ensure to visit the checkout page to confirm your shipping fees and guaranteed delivery date. 

In other words, Amazon may refund your shipping fees if it misses its promised delivery date.  However, you must meet specific requirements before you can get a refund, including:

  • Amazon is shipping the order to an eligible address.
  • Amazon must have successfully charged your debit or credit card (payment method) before the deadline displayed on your checkout page.
  • The selected shipping method is the same option Amazon advertised on a product detail page.
  • Amazon has included your confirmed delivery date in your order confirmation email.
  • If your order has items not eligible for Amazon guaranteed delivery, you must have selected your shipping preference to Ship my items as they become available.
  • The attempted delivery on or before the guaranteed delivery date meets Amazon’s delivery guarantee.
  • An offer by your product’s career on or before the guaranteed delivery date meets Amazon’s delivery guarantee.
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Also, you are eligible if you placed the order before the order within the countdown timer displayed on the product or checkout page.

Understand that the order within is a countdown timer that gives you a timeframe within which you must complete your order to receive your items by the delivery date displayed.

Amazon may make the delivery date unavailable within that timeframe because of inventory or delivery capacity changes before placing your order.

Amazon Delivery truck
Image: James Anthony

Why you may not get a refund despite late delivery by Amazon

The Amazon guarantee does not apply in specific instances.

That means you may not get a refund if:

  • Amazon missed its promised delivery date because of unforeseen circumstances outside the company’s control. Examples may include strikes, natural disasters, or severe winter storms.
  • The delivery scans were inaccurate.

You will not receive compensation if you fail to show evidence that your item arrived late despite meeting all refund policies.

How to inquire about a refund for late delivery

You can inquire about a refund of the shipping fees you paid on your order if Amazon delivers it late by contacting the company. Then, on the contact page:

  • Click on An Order I Placed.
  • Select your order.
  • Select Problem with an order.
  • Go to Shipping or delivery issues.
  • Select Shipment is late.

Amazon will review your request and determine whether you are eligible for a refund.

What happens if Amazon fails to deliver on time?

If you do not receive your order or receive it late, the first thing to do is contact Amazon.

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However, suppose the late delivery is due to Amazon’s failure, or they haven’t received your items.

In that case, Amazon has a liability limited to refunding you the amount paid by you for the delivery of the item. That includes any applicable fees or replacing the item in question.

What to do when your Amazon package is running late with no tracking

The tracking information on your Amazon package may not be available for different reasons.

For example, the first package scan is unavailable until delivery, there is a delay in updating your package to the tracking database, or you choose a Standard International shipment package that is not trackable.

Nevertheless, your package should still arrive on time even if you do not have your tracking information.

First, you must ensure that the delivery meets Amazon’s guaranteed delivery terms.

But if the estimated delivery time or date for your package has passed and your tracking information is still the same, give Amazon one or two more days to deliver your package.

In some cases, your package will arrive on or shortly before the estimated delivery date. The advantage is that you may be eligible for a refund of your shipping fees.

Why is Amazon shipping so slow lately?

Amazon delivers most packages on time, and sometimes orders show up after the estimated delivery date.

However, shipping delays have happened in recent times because of factors like:

  • Incorrect address.
  • Severe weather conditions.
  • Missing apartment, building, floor, or unit number.
  • Lengthy international customs procedures.
  • Labour challenges, like strikes.
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If a company is experiencing a large number of orders, expect the delivery to be slow too.

What if Amazon refunds me for late delivery, but the package eventually arrives?

Amazon pickup and returns building
Image: Bryan Angelo

Sometimes, your package will arrive late or fail to arrive on time. Amazon then decides to refund you for late delivery, but your package eventually arrives. Most people may want to return the item or pay for it again.

Generally, when you process the return, you will receive information on whether you have to return the package or if Amazon expects you to return it.

In that case, Amazon will ask you to choose a return method. You will also receive an email to confirm the return.

The email will give you some instructions to follow and give you a link to return the item. Also, if Amazon does not tell you to keep the item, you must return it.


Amazon will refund you if your package is late. However, you can only get a refund if you meet specific conditions. For example, your shipping address must be eligible for an Amazon delivery guarantee.

Also, Amazon will refund your shipping fees if the selected shipping method is the same option Amazon advertised on a product detail page.

Once you determine your package is late, you can contact Amazon customer services to request a refund.

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