Cinemark Theatres app is not working: troubleshooting guide

Lillie Spikes

Cinemark Theatres app allows users to browse movies online, book tickets, and reserve seats from the available list.

The app also has a rewards feature to gift users while watching their favorite films.

Cinemark is very handy for movie lovers as it saves time and money. That is why it can be very frustrating when it stops working.

Before looking into the solutions, these are the most common errors that lead to the Cinemark Theatres app not working on iOS or Android:

  • A black/blank screen when you open the Cinemark Theatres app
  • Network connection, server, or loading error
  • Login problems or issues related to your account
  • Cinemark Theatres app installation problem
  • Failure by the Cinemark Theatres app to update properly
  • Notifications are not working correctly on the Cinemark Theatres app

The following is a step-by-step guide on some of those issues and how you can go about solving them.

1. Reboot or restart your phone

A black or blank screen is one of the most common problems that Cinemark users experience.

Usually, after opening the app, it will display a black screen for a few seconds before crashing. It shows an error message in most cases. However, it may not show one at all.

An iPhone restarting

Most of the time, it is a loading issue, which you can solve by restating or rebooting your phone as follows;

  • Press and hold the power button.
  • Tap on the Restart option and wait some time for the device to restart.
  • Open the Cinemark app to see whether the issue was solved.
  • Press and hold the power button for 10-20 seconds if the problem wasn’t solved in the previous step.
  • Wait until the phone goes off. Then restart again.

Open the Cinemark app and check whether the problem was solved.

2. Check your data connection or the router

If the Cinemark Theatres app server is down, it will cause a loading problem. You may need to give it some time and try after some minutes. You may also need to check your data connection and signal quality.

Check that you have enough data and the signal quality is good. Also, when too many users are on the app simultaneously, the Cinemark app cannot download. So you will need to give it some time before opening it again.

3. Confirm using the correct login credentials

Confirm that you have the correct password. You can also request a new one, in case you forgot, by taping on the “I Forgot my Password” icon. Then follow the instructions provided.

Also, if you are on third-party social media networks such as Facebook or Google accounts, confirm they are functioning normally by checking their official website.

You can also read the error messages to confirm that your account has not been banned or deactivated.

4. Increase the storage space in your phone

If, even after following these steps, your Cinemark app keeps crashing, confirm that your phone has enough storage space.

You can do this by deleting unused apps and clearing cached data.

  • Tap Settings on your Android phone, and then Tap Storage.
  • Tap on Cached Data and OK to clear cached data for all apps.
  • Open your Cinemark app to check whether the problem was solved.
  • If not, try deleting other unused apps and junk files from your phone to increase storage.

5. Update the Cinemark Theatres app to the latest version

Cinemark App screen

Due to regular technological updates of apps, using an outdated Cinemark app can cause it to keep crashing or stop working.

You can update the Cinemark app to the latest app through these steps;

  • Open App Store and tap on My apps & Games.
  • Type “Installed Apps” and tap on Manage apps.
  • Tap on Updates Available. Then, scroll down to find the Cinemark app and tap Update.
  • Wait for the updates to install, and then open to check whether the issue is solved.

6. Enable notifications on your Android phone

If the notifications tab is disabled on your phone, you will not be able to get any updates from the app.

You can enable the notifications by;

  • On your Android phone, go to Settings and tap Apps.
  • Tap Cinemark Theatres and then tap Notifications.
  • Enable the notifications by sliding the slider to ON.
  • Go back to the Cinemark app and check whether the issue was solved.

If these options do not work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Cinemark app.

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Tap Apps & Notifications.
  • Tap on the Cinemark Theatre app, then tap uninstall and confirm to uninstall.
  • Go to Play Store and type ‘Cinemark Theatres app.’ Then tap install Cinemark.
  • Wait for the app to load and then open it to see whether the issue was fixed.


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