How to activate Chase debit card [online, phone, pin]

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The Chase debit card allows you to withdraw money from ATMs and pay for goods or services. An advantage of having this card is that it has zero liability protection.

In other words, you are not responsible for any unauthorized transactions, if you report it to the bank immediately.

It also has more features, including a contactless chip-enabled technology to increase security. But before you can enjoy its benefits, you must first activate your new Chase debit card.

Whenever you open a checking account with Chase, the bank will give you a new debit card. The same will happen if you request for a replacement or a new debit card.

For replacements or requests for new cards as a result of damage or loss, you will receive it within three to five business days. After receiving it, you can take the following steps to activate it.

How to activate your Chase debit card through phone call

You can call to activate your Chase debit card immediately after you receive it via mail. The phone number to use will be on a sticker attached to the card.

Also, the back of the card has a customer service number. It is the same one you will use for any assistance in the future.

When calling to activate, you should use the phone number you gave to Chase when applying for the debit card. It will help to prevent identity theft.

Secondly, provide the information requested, including:

  • Your debit card number
  • Last digits of your Social Security Number
  • Date of birth
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Also, answer any other personal information that identifies you. Once done, remove the sticker and start using your debit card.

Note that calling the number provided on the sticker will allow you to activate your Chase debit card without a PIN.

How to activate your debit card online

An easier way of activating the Chase debit card is by using the bank’s website. Here is how:

  • Go to the verification page on the Chase website.
  • Create a new Chase account if not enrolled. Otherwise, log in to your account.
  • If you are creating an account, enter your debit card number, social security number, billing address, and email.
  • After providing your details, click on My Accounts.
  • Select the debit card you want to activate.
  • Follow the prompts to verify the card.
  • Next, click on the Activation button to finish the process.

You can now use the card to withdraw cash from ATMs.

Activating a Chase debit card using the app

You can also activate the Chase debit card using the app. Follow the steps below:

  • Download the app for iOS or Android
  • Log in to your account using your username and password.
  • If you do not have an account, sign up.
  • Tap on My Account or the checking account tied to your debit card.
  • Follow the prompts to activate the card.

Activating your card via the app will take a few minutes to complete. You can start using it immediately after activation.

Activate Chase debit card at an ATM

Chase ATM

If the debit card you received does not have clear instructions on how to activate it, visit the nearest Chase ATM to verify it.

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Ensure to follow the prompts on the machine to complete the process. Otherwise, call the Customer Support Team for further help.

Unable to activate your debit card?

If you cannot activate your Chase debit card using the above methods, do the following:

  • Try again by phone and ensure you use the same number you provided the bank during the application.
  • Call Chase customer service using the number 1-800-935-9935.
  • You can also use the phone number provided on the back of your card.
  • Send Chase an email by logging in to your account. You will then have to use the Secure Message Center to send the email.

Another option is to go to the nearest Chase bank branch to have an in-person conversation.

Ensure to carry all the necessary documents, including the entire contents of the card you received in your mail and photo identification.


The Chase debit card allows you to make cash withdrawals at approved ATMs. When you receive the card for the first time, ensure to activate it immediately to start using it.

You can do this via mobile app, calling the Customer care service, or online by logging in to your Chase account.

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