How to activate Key2Benefits debit card

The Key2Benefits is a unique prepaid card issued by KeyBank in partnership with relevant state agencies. In order to initiate the first transaction, the card must be active. Also, the activation process allows you to set-up a four-digit PIN for security purposes.

Is Key2Benefits card for unemployment? Yes. On top of unemployment benefits, the card is also sent to citizens that have enrolled for child support benefits, workers’ compensation, and other related welfares.

How to activate Key2Benefits debit card

Key2benefits activation

After receiving the Key2Benfits debit card, the next important steps are unboxing and activating it. Before starting the process, ensure that you remember your Social Security number.

To activate your KeyBank unemployment card:

  • Call the bank using the number at the back of your card
  • Select the first option, which is a confirmation that you have a card
  • Select the first option again to activate it
  • You will be required to enter the 16-digit card number
  • Enter the last four digits of the Social Security number
  • Choose option four to create a PIN

Your Key2Benfits debit card is now active if you followed the above-mentioned steps correctly. In most cases, you can start using the card immediately. If you are near an ATM, try checking the card balance or withdraw cash.

KeyBank does not provide a way to activate Key2Benefits card online. However, you need an online account for balance checking and other activities.

How to check your Key2Benefefit balance

Key2Benefits balance

Before using the Key2Benefits card on any outlet, it is advisable to know the card’s balance to avoid decline charges. Luckily, there are different ways of checking Key2Benefits card status. They include:

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1. Online balance check

If you have an internet connection, checking the Key2Benefit balance is free and fast. To check your card balance:

  • Go to
  • Log in to your account
  • The card balance is at the top right corner

However, the site may be down, or your internet connection may not be stable. In such a case, you need another approach to check your account’s balance. Check alternative options below.

2. Text balance notifications

Checking card balance via text is fast and safe. To enable the text notifications:

  • Go to the Key2Benefits website.
  • Login to your account
  • On the left-hand menu, click Alerts.
  • Once the alert page appears, select Add/Update.
  • Click Add and exit the page.

Once you have activated the text notification, you will receive all the account details. Apart from the balances, KeyBank will also send a notification if you have new funds on your card. Also, you will get text notifications if the card balance is low.

3. Balance inquiry via ATM

Like other debit cards, you can check the Key2Benefits card balance on all ATMs. If you are in an area that has AllPoint or KeyBank ATMs, it is free to check balance.

However, on third-party ATMs, checking the balance comes with a standard charge of $0.35.

4. A direct phone call to the customer service

KeyBank also allows you to check the Key2Benefits debit card balance via phone call. To check the card balance through this option, call Key2Benefits number 1-866-295-2955.

To get the debit card balance, you must prove card ownership by providing any details the customer service representative will ask.

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Where can use the Key2Benefits debit card?

Since it is a debit card, you can use it anywhere. For example, you can transfer money from a Key2Benefits card to a bank account quickly on the online portal. Apart from bank to bank transfers, you can use the card in the following places.

  • Withdraw cash on ATMs.
  • Pay for fuel at any gas station.
  • Pay for items at retail outlets.

Apart from being a widely accepted debit card worldwide, KeyBank’s card is easy to use and manage. For example, you can set the Key2Benefits card to the account transfer limit on the online portal.

When making the transactions, you will need to put your four-digit PIN. Sometimes, you may experience “ATM denial,” which means you have exhausted funds on your account.

Therefore, you should check the card balance before using it to avoid decline charges.


Activating the Key2Benfits debit card allows you to use the card on e-commerce platforms, transfer funds to different bank accounts, and withdraw cash on various platforms. Also, the PIN protects your funds, especially if other people can access your card.

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