5 best LitAnswers alternatives for free Chegg answers

For most students, LitAnswers was the best site to use to get Chegg answers. Many used the site to complete their homework and assignments fast without a hassle.

But since the website is no longer in service, it means you cannot unblur Chegg answers anymore. The best option is to look for a litanswers.org alternative that will allow you to get the answers to questions on Chegg.

Before LitAnswers came into existence, users could see answers on Chegg by paying a membership fee. Apart from LitAnswers, you could also use Textsheet.

It worked by allowing you to get answers to homework or assignments through Chegg API.

But since these two services are no longer operational, it does not mean that you cannot get Chegg answers.

Top 5 alternatives to LitAnswers for Chegg answers

Here are five websites that are the best alternative to LitAnswers.

1. JustAnswer

JustAnswer allows you to chat with a tutor within minutes, anytime. You can use the platform to have unlimited conversations with more than one tutor.

The site only uses verified teachers or tutors to discuss your homework and answer some of your questions. An advantage is that the experts will work on your schedule and not when they can accommodate you.

With JustAnswer, you can get solutions across all areas of homework and language studies. But the service is not free. If you want to enjoy unlimited chats, you will have to pay a $5 one-day trial membership.

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However, most of the answers are not confidential or private. In other words, you can get free answers to some questions asked by other students before.

2. Slader

Slader is a website that offers homework help and answers to all students. You can use it to learn with step-by-step textbook solutions all written by experts in the subjects.

The platform also allows you to ask other students for help or assist them in answering their questions. Furthermore, you can access millions of high school textbooks and millions of verified solutions from tutors.

The advantage of using Slader is that all high school textbook solutions and the question and answer feature are free for all students. But college textbooks are only available for subscribers.

However, one can get five free solutions per book each month without a subscription. A membership will give you access to an unlimited library of upper-level college solutions and content.

3. Studylib

Studylib is one of the best LitAnswers alternatives -and for a good reason. The site gives users an easy way of learning various subjects faster.

Students can use it for homework help and get guides on how to write essays and research papers.

You can study anything on the platform using flashcards, read, print, and download worksheets, lesson plans, and labs.

The site also has a massive community-driven educational library that allows you to search for any study material.

If you are unable to get Chegg answers for free, you can use Studylib to get thousands of solved assignments and homework solutions.

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When you create a free account with the service, it will allow you to organize and share your educational materials using its study collections feature.

You can also add your documents, videos, and links so that other users can get access to them.

4. PaperHelp

PaperHelp is a custom paper writing service. It allows college students to work with experts that will help them write an educational paper on their behalf.

All a student has to do is to submit an order or a subject matter, track the progress, and get a sample paper of their work.

PaperHelp individualizes its writing services and ensures students only receive plagiarism-free papers.

Some of the services offered include essay writing and corrections, coursework help, term papers, dissertations, critical thinking writing, and assignment help.

But PaperHelp is not free. It does not offer a subscription service. Instead, it charges students for every work they submit.

5. Course Hero

Course Hero gives you access to millions of study resources. You can get documents that cover your classes, from accounting to economics and biology.

Furthermore, the website is among the best resources for getting step-by-step answers from expert tutors.

The tutors will give you personalized help, step-by-step explanations, and fast answers to your questions. Course Hero verifies each educator to ensure you learn from the best.

An advantage of using the website is that you can either join for free or subscribe to become a premium member.


LitAnswers was one of the best services that enabled users to see Chegg answers. But since the site is no longer operational, several LitAnswers alternatives exist.

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Some of these include Course Hero, JustAnswer, and Slader, among others.

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