Top 10 iFunbox alternatives you should try out

Tim Vickers

When your primary file manager fails to work, iFunbox steps in as a good alternative file management application. iFunbox, however, can have bugs and errors of its own when in use.

This makes it important to understand what other alternatives there are in the event iFunbox completely fails to work.

Although there are a number of iFunbox alternatives, only a few will be able to provide the exact desired results.

As you’ll find in iFunbox reviews, most users prefer it because of the simple interface and well-laid tools.

Top 10 iFunbox alternatives that work

These are the best alternatives to iFunbox right now:

1. iPhoneBrowser

iPhoneBrowser is a good iFunbox alternative that will allow the user to rearrange and also manipulate their iPhone media files.

The app adopts the windows interface system and provides access to your device’s files for management. It gives you the drag n drop capabilities.


  • Browse all your media on a PC
  • Easy file movement
  • Preview image and text files
  • Launches instantly once your phone is plugged into the computer.


  • Works best with jailbroken devices
  • Problems launching in some instances
  • The interface can be hard to navigate

2. iExplorer

iExplorer will allow you to use your smart device like a USB drive. It simply makes the writing capabilities on your phone quite simple.


  • Can be used on both Mac and Windows systems
  • Drag n Drop functions
  • SMS/ Text backups


  • The interface is not well structured
  • File copying may take a while

3. iMazing

iMazing will also add a USB feel to your device. The application has a commercial version that has to be paid for.


  • One-time purchase
  • Has an auto-delete feature for getting rid of junk files
  • Provides iPhone backup services
  • Has easy synchronization with your devices


  • The license fee is high
  • Works best with jailbroken devices
  • Updates take a while to be released.

4. PhoneView

PhoneView compiles multiple capabilities similar to iFunbox. The application has features like storage and calls backups.


  • Provides access to notes, call history, and other data for backup purposes
  • Offers good storage management tools
  • It makes any device more accessible


  • PhoneView Interface may have limited functionalities
  • Works only on Mac devices

5. Copy Trans Manager

Copy Trans Manager is a lightweight iFunbox alternative. Manage all your Apple devices without the risk of losing any data. You are able to manipulate files on your phone sync-free.


  • Copy Trans Manager is free to use the app
  • Works on both Mac and Windows systems
  • You can edit file tags and descriptions
  • Copy Trans Manager has an available portable version for management on any computer.


  • Disregards the intellectual rights of some content
  • The drop-down menu can be hard to navigate at times.
  • Mostly works for music and video files.

6. iTunes

iTunes is by far the best and most popular file management application. It has a couple of features that allow syncing information across multiple devices.

You can access content such as free-to-air channels.


  • Ensures the authenticity of content
  • iTunes is a free application
  • Works on both Mac and Windows
  • Can be used with most versions of iOS


  • Limits how you can share files
  • It will always require a purchase for most content
  • Synchronization has to be done in a set way

7. Wondershare MobileGo

Wondershare MobileGo is the best iFunbox alternative for Android. You will be able to manage, browse and export all your content to your mobile phone with ease.

The transfer can also be done from the web to the device directly.


  • Helps optimize your phone
  • Allows you to manage all applications on the phone
  • Enables you to capture screenshots
  • You can back up, import, and export contacts to other devices.
  • Has tools for recovery of deleted data


  • Works only on android and windows systems
  • Updates are rare
  • It is easy to lose data if not careful

8. AirDroid

AirDroid lets the user manage and access android devices from the web, Mac, or windows wireless for free.


  • AirDroid has a free version available
  • AirDroid also features cloud sync
  • You can perform a screen mirror with the app
  • AirDroid is perfect for setting up a remote desktop


  • Most features are available on Android devices
  • Requires some cash to unlock all functionalities

9. SynciOS

SynciOS is a cross-platform smartphone manager that doubles up as an effective iFunbox alternative. iFunbox not working ceases to be a problem once you download this app.

It supports the transfer, edit, and management of Android and iOS mobile data. The app has handy tools such as an audio converter, ringtone maker, and wallpapers.


  • SynciOS works well with both Windows and Mac
  • You can easily back up your data
  • SynciOS has a download feature for content such as videos and wallpapers.
  • It is free to use the app at the initial stages


  • The download feature may lead to copyright issues
  • Additional features require a perpetual license which costs about $35


WALTR acts as a magic Drop area for Apple devices. You simply need to drag n drop music, PDF, ePUB, and any other files on your Apple device.

The app utilizes wireless connectivity to pair with your phone. WALTR also supports iPod and other Apple devices.


  • WALTR has additional features such as file conversions
  • Works on both Windows and Mac
  • Easy device detection through Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Fast data transfer
  • Allows eBooks to be shared


  • It is a pay-to-use application.
  • The app is rarely updated
  • Works only for Apple devices

These are just some of the available alternatives for iFunbox. The apps that are highlighted will have a set of features that guarantees them a spot on the list.

However, this does not mean the apps not featured are bad. Ensure you check out what each application offers before selecting it.

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