10 best apps like Whisper in 2024

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Whisper is among the top anonymous chat sites. This social networking app allows users to post confessions by imposing text on a photo. The app is available on both Android and Apple platforms.

Users’ anonymity is assured by the fact that all users are issued random nicknames when registering. In addition, the minimum age for users on Whisper is 17 years.

Its features include:

  • The site provides its pictures and fonts to protect its users
  • No followers, friends, or profiles
  • Users can add a school or group
  • It does not require email addresses or pictures
  • Users cannot search for other users on the site
  • Security pin for accessing the app

Apps like Whisper are becoming more common in the social media space. These websites have similar features, making them the best apps for chatting anonymously with strangers. Some are even disguised as games or other types of apps.

Most of the top anonymous chat sites have set guidelines that protect the safety of their users. Users must abide by these guidelines or risk having their accounts removed or, in certain instances, facing law enforcement. In addition, most apps like Whisper have an age limit of 18 years for their users.

Below are 10 of the best apps to chat with strangers anonymously.

1. Chatous

Chatous anonymous chat app

Chatous is one of the top anonymous chat sites and a fitting answer to the question: Is there a better app than Whisper? The app users use hashtags to select topics and join conversations with people worldwide.

While Chatous gives its users the option of visiting the site without providing any personal data, doing so limits a user’s access to certain services. The age limit for the app is 13 years.

Some of the pros of Chatous include:

  • User-friendly web and mobile-compatible versions
  • Photos are displayed in HD quality
  • Accessible from all over the world

The one disadvantage of Chatous is that users need internet access to enjoy its services.


Below are some of the app’s features

  • Photo, video, and audio sharing
  • Find people interested in common topics through hashtags
  • No limit to the topic of conversation
  • Users can share YouTube videos in chat
  • No limit to the number of active talks at a go

2. Connected2.me


Connected2.me is one of the top anonymous chat sites. The app allows users to create a profile using which people will anonymously chat with them.

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There is also an alternative option of speaking anonymously.

Some of the pluses for users on Conntected2.me are:

  • Companies use the app to get anonymous feedback about their services
  • Opportunity to chat with crushes and celebrities
  • Get free therapy services and advice from experts


  • Find mutuals from selected topic hashtags
  • Paid priority listing option
  • Shuffle feature enables users to engage people who are online but not talking to anyone at the moment
  • Option of blocking selected members at users’ discretion
  • Accounts are accessible through both web and mobile
  • Sharing disappearing photos, audio messages, and videos

3. Wakie

Wakie anonymous chat app

Wakie is the app for you if you prefer interaction through phone calls. The app allows you to ease into your morning with a tough 60-second phone call from a stranger.

The short call duration is ideal and reduces the chances of creepy interactions or awkward conversations.

One of the top anonymous chat sites, Wakie offers a platform for its users to be their true authentic selves. The age limit for the app is 13 years.


  • Get a morning alarm that doesn’t make you want to throw your phone across the room.
  • Option to wake people up
  • Start your morning with a call from a natural person
  • Get a voice message when there aren’t enough callers.

4. Moco


Moco is one of the best apps like Whisper that provide users with different ways of connecting and interacting with one another. The app has a  wide selection of discussion boards and chat rooms in which users to participate.

The app also has over 50 free games, some of which have a social aspect, providing another venue for users to make new friends. Moco has an age limit of 17 years.

Moco users get the following perks:

  • Option to customize profile
  • Customized eCards for special occasions
  • Move personal conversations to one-on-one or group chats


  • Chat rooms
  • Forums
  • 50+ free games
  • Instant messaging

5. Askfm

Askfm anonymous chat app

Askfm is one of the best apps to chat with strangers anonymously. The app is also the only kind as it is built on a Q&A format. In addition, the app’s huge subscriber base of 215 million users guarantees answers to questions posted.

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Unlike some anonymous chat apps, Askfm does not allow the creation of fake profiles. It also has an age limit of 13 years.


  • Ask questions at any time and get numerous answers
  • Push notifications on answers
  • Can view the number of likes received
  • Attach photos to answers

6. Psst! Anonymous


Psst! is an anonymous social network and texting app whose features like no history or trace make it among the best apps to connect and chat with strangers anonymously. The app provides an option to add friends. Only added friends can send photos.

Psst! Anonymous users also enjoy an exclusive feature of chatting through feeds privately unidentified. The age limit for users is 17 years.


  • Messages are deleted immediately after they’re read
  • Encrypted messaging and auto lock
  • Fully customizable to suit users’ needs
  • No logs
  • No screenshot policy
  • Option of masking your friends’ IDs

7. Holla

Holla chat app

Holla app is one of the best apps for anonymous chats. This free social networking app allows strangers to communicate through video chats.

The talks are live, where you’re connected to a random person or nearby chats. This gives users the option of selecting possible matches when making connections.

Holla has an age limit of 18 years for its users.


  • Matching feature enables users to identify and connect with people
  • Free gems by inviting friends to Holla
  • The video function is customizable
  • Quick communication with the person you’re interested in
  • Meet people from around the world

8. Frim


The Frim app has over 20 million users. The app connects you to other Frim users within your area. It is also a good way to meet and chat with strangers or locals while traveling. With Frim, users can create profiles and start new chats with strangers for free.

One of the best apps to chat with strangers anonymously, users can send messages even when their friends are not online.


  • More than 20 million users across the world
  • User-friendly interface
  • Create personalized profile
  • Find and chat with people anonymously
  • Stickers and virtual gifts are available

9. Omegle

Omegle chat app

The Omegle app allows users to connect with strangers through chat or via a website-supported call service.

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Upon registration, users must provide a username and email account to register on the mobile version. After that, Omegle users are free to choose whatever username or anonymous email of their choice.

The anonymous chat app has an age limit of 18 years for its users. However, users from 13 years are eligible only with parental permission and supervision.

As one of the best chat apps like Whisper, Omegle has the following features.


  • Manual gender filtering option
  • The Interest feature helps users find partners
  • Omegle Google Translate helps users translate into other languages during video calls.

10. Anonymous Chat Rooms

Anonymous Chat Rooms

Created by AntiChat. Inc, Anonymous Chat Rooms is one of the top anonymous chat apps like Whisper that offer users the freedom to express themselves.

The group chats app enables users to mask their identity, make friends and meet new people online.

In addition, users can freely share their thoughts, confessions, adult jokes, and secret crushes in anonymous chat rooms without feeling judged.


  • Users can join without registering.
  • The app is available in more than one language: English, Arabic, French, Hebrew, German, Spanish, and Greek.
  • Option of using a false GPS application
  • Users can earn karma points for chatting daily
  • Violators of community rules sent to “jail” can chat more to recover their karma points.
  • Option of becoming a moderator for users with 10k karma points


While there are many more anonymous chat sites like Whisper, you should exercise caution when using these apps. In fact, experts in science have found a connection between anonymity and people’s tendency to act rudely, aggressively, or break the law.

You should, therefore, be careful when dealing with people and report incidences that breach community guidelines. Always end the chat if you feel uncomfortable or if the other party is behaving or speaking badly to you.


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