10 best apps to turn pictures into anime drawings in 2023

Tim Vickers

Not so long ago, people used to upload their original beautiful-looking photos to their social media pages or share them with friends.

But recently, social media giant Facebook came up with a challenge whereby one could use a specific filter to turn their profile photo into three different cartoon images.

The craze went viral, and since then, people have used various apps to convert their pictures into cartoons.

But do you also know that you can turn pictures into anime drawings within a few steps, share them online, or print them for display in your home or office?

These are the 10 best options available.

1. Anime Camera

Anime Camera

Anime Camera is a mobile application that turns your photo into an anime character.

The app lets you create anime avatars of yourself from a single picture using artificial intelligence technology.

Furthermore, you can use it to produce the best manga creations from any image you take with your phone camera.

Anime Camera has many features that make it the best app for turning pictures into anime drawings. For example, you can create different anime characters with changing or animated backgrounds.

It also has a feature that lets you create cartoon faces and share them with anyone.

Anime Camera is available for iOS and Android devices for free with ads. But you can remove the ads and get more features through the in-app subscription.

2. Art Camera

Art Camera
Image: Google Play/Art Camera

Art Camera is a mobile artistic application that applies pencil sketches, cartoons, and oil painting effects to any picture.

It also offers many filters that can turn your photos into artwork, including anime and paintings.

Furthermore, the app lets you edit your images and add more effects apart from anime or cartoons.

Art Cartoon has many features needed in an app to turn pictures into anime drawings.

For example, it offers over 100 outstanding filters, more than 30 cartoon effects, and supports UHD cameras.

Moreover, the application lets you crop photos into many ratios to achieve the desired effect.

It also supports tilt-shift photography and offers photo adjustment options, including contrast, brightness, tone, and saturation.

Art Cartoon is available for free with ads on Android devices or through an in-app subscription.

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3. ArtistA


ArtistA is a photo editor that offers hundreds of art effects, color pop filters, and oil painting effects.

In addition, the application has picture and photo filters, artwork on canvas, and pencil sketch styles.

You can use its filters and photo effects to create cartoons or anime from your pictures.

ArtistA has many features that are ideal for artists, photographers, painters, and cartoonists.

For example, it has artistic oil painting and drawing filters, cartoon effects, and photo art filters.

In addition, the app has over 50 art filters to choose from and make beautiful anime characters.

All the features are accessible with a tap. Once you create your anime, you can share it on social media or save it as wallpaper.

ArtistA is available for Android and iOS devices for free and through in-app purchases.

4. Comica: Comics and Cartoon Maker

Comica is a comics and cartoon maker application that turns photos into cartoons or anime. It lets users select pictures from their phone gallery or take a snap from the app.

Once they choose a preferred image, they choose the best filter to convert it into anime or cartoon characters.

Furthermore, Comica allows users to add speech balloons to the new creations to get a more convincing anime or comic effect. Apart from comics and anime, it is also the best app for creating memes and funny faces.

Comica is easy to use and has an excellent design that makes it seamless to turn pictures into anime drawings.

The app is free for Android devices but offers an in-app purchase option to unlock more features.

5. Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects Photo Filter
Image: App Store/Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects is a photo filter and art filter app that turns you into anime using artificial intelligence technology and over 100 art styles.

The app has many features you can use to create art, including cartoons and anime with AI.

For example, it has enhanced Prisma filters, fast image processing, and a high-definition resolution of up to 1080 pixels for artwork.

With the many features provided, you can use Deep Art Effects to achieve many results. For example, you can convert a photo into a pencil drawing, sketch, or oil on canvas.

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Furthermore, the app lets you change the filter intensity style and share your artwork with others online.

Deep Art Effects is available for Android and iOS for free and through an in-app subscription.

6. MomentCam Cartoon & Stickers

MomentCam is an application that lets you create cartoons, anime, stickers, and emoticons from your photo album.

You can also use it to make a personalized avatar and use it as a profile on your social media pages.

In addition, the app has many features that allow you to change the background of a photo and customize it to fit a specific purpose.

Although MomentCam has many features for creating cartoons, it is also the best for making funny gestures like smileys and winks.

Also, you can add some comic features to your photos, like hats, beards, and glasses. Once you finish your creations, you have the option of sharing them with others.

MomentCam is available for free and through an in-app purchase of specific features on Android and iOS.

7. PhotoMania


PhotoMania is a mobile application that provides hundreds of photo filters and effects to convert a picture into a cartoon, anime, art, or painting.

The photo editor is simple to use, powerful, fun and can enhance any image quickly without going through a learning curve.

For example, you can use it to turn a portrait photo into an artistic sketch or art frame.

Furthermore, the app lets you be more creative by giving you many colorful textures and filters to apply to your photo.

You can draw any effect on your image or get inspiration from the many photography styles provided in the app.

Besides converting photos into anime, you can also use its card maker to create beautiful e-cards for holidays or birthdays.

PhotoMania is available on Android and iOS for free and through an in-app subscription.

8. Pixlr

Pixlr is an image editing app that gives you all the tools and filters you need to convert your photo into the perfect anime.

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The application has over two million combinations of effects, overlays, and filters to use on your photo project.

In addition, you can use it to create photo collages with different preset collages, backgrounds, and grid styles.

It has tools that you can use to remove red eyes and blemishes, whitens teeth, and smoothen skin.

Finally, you can finish creating your anime by adding the right border and sharing it with others online.

Pixlr is free on Android and iOS devices but also has in-app purchases.

turn pictures into anime drawings
Image: Pinterest

9. ToonApp

ToonApp is an AI cartoon photo editor and one of the best apps for turning your pictures into anime drawings.

It is also the best app that lets you convert your photos into vector art effects, oil paintings, and sketches.

In addition, the application will automatically remove the background on your image to allow you to pick a new background.

The app provides beautiful selfie camera effects and filters to make an animation.

You can snap a selfie to retouch your picture and face-tune it to have a flawless anime or cartoon face.

ToonApp is free on Android and iOS but with in-app purchases.

10. ToonMe


ToonMe is one of the best applications for turning your pictures into anime drawings. The app turns your pictures into anime by using artificial intelligence technology, vectors, and filters.

You can use it to get your portrait re-drawn in vector or cartoon style within minutes.

ToonMe has many features, including a full-body cartoon maker and vector portrait template.

Furthermore, it has many simple layouts and sophisticated designs that can get you started in converting your photos to anime.

The app is available for Android and iOS devices for free. However, some of its features require an in-app subscription.

You can turn your photographs into anime using an anime editor app that will apply filters that convert your high-definition photos into any anime character.

You can add frames and other effects to the images and print them to display in your home or office. Alternatively, you can share your creations online or with family and friends.

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