10 best PS4 games with character creation

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One of the most pleasurable activities in video gaming is character creation. Recent PS4 game releases provide room for in-depth character customizations.

These range from costume selection and physique tinkering to skill moves and abilities.

Here is a list of the best PS4 games with character creation.

1. Watch Dogs: Legion

This latest entry in the Watch Dogs series sets the bar high for character creation. Watch Dogs: Legion lets players recruit anyone from the open world.

Once recruited, the player can control the character and complete missions. The recruits can also be customized to achieve the desired look.

One highlight of the game is the availability to select an eighty-year-old lady as your avatar and go about the game.

Such a choice means that you have certain limitations to your play style. For example, the response time will be slower in fights, and your stamina will also be low.

This excellent game engine redefines character creation in games. It, however, limits changes in facial features and other physical attributes.

2. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk gives players control over their character’s background, attributes, and physical appearance.

The first choice is to customize their life path. Other choices include being a nomad or a street kid.

Cyberpunk is among the best PS4 games with character creation and romance. The romance part is greatly affected by the choice to be masculine or feminine.

Adjustments to the avatar’s outlook are made through a skill tree.

This game will, however, limit players from changing attributes such as hair much later on. Therefore, it is important to create the character at the onset carefully.

You can adjust costumes and other exterior features easily as the game progresses.

3. Saints Row IV

Character customization in this game occurs after the first mission of the game. Appearance options include race presets, age, sex appeal, and other in-depth facial features.

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Signature moves such as compliments and taunts are also set at this early stage. One cool feature about Saints Row player customization is the voice modulation.

A player is free to select an accent. The available ones are British, American, African American, French, and interestingly, the southern accent.

Players can also download a Saints Row III character from the game’s website. This is a good option for gamers seeking to maintain their avatar.

4. WWE2K20

WWE is a game where player customization is arguably vital compared to other character creation games.

With fans around the ring, you must prepare an impressive look to match your performances.

Unfortunately, the game offers only a handful of customizations at the start. Eventually, unlockable items such as entrances, costumes, and moves can be purchased.

Both male and female characters have their adjustable appearances. However, mechanics such as fighting styles and abilities will still be similar.

Whether to create a giant player or an agile one will affect the playing style. WWE restricts abilities that each player can have at the beginning.

Only through winning matches and gaining XP will you be able to develop your avatar fully. Unfortunately, this patient approach to building an exemplary character tends to bug some players.

5. The Sims 4

The Sims 4 allows you to imagine and create the world around you. This version has many emotions, appearances, and personalities embedded in your character.

Unfortunately, the game only allows superficial changes to players once they have been added to the game.

The Sims rivals open-world PS4 games with character customization through its detailed approach to depiction.

The game offers options such as creating family trees, personalities, and aspirations. Personalization options increase as the game expands and more packs become available.

A tip when creating a character in this game is always leave clothes selection for the end. This is because having clothes on while creating a sim may obscure certain features.

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6. Bloodborne

Bloodborne is a game that is not for the faint-hearted. Players hunt their nightmare in the ancient city of Yharnam.

The most important task in creating a character in Bloodborne is selecting the correct origin. Unlike all free PS4 games with character creation, Bloodborne will base all your statistics on your choice.

Nine origins are available in the game. Each offers different combos that add up to your overall statistics. Popular origins are lone survivor, troubled childhood, violent past, and professional.

The statistics to look out for include endurance, vitality, and strength. An abundance of these critical attributes gives you a competitive advantage.

The only letdown with Bloodborne is its inferior graphics compared to its peers. This is evident in character creation since greater details are hard to fine-tune.

7. Fallout 4

Setting up a character in Fallout takes place during the tutorial segment. The process is done in a witty manner.

First, you meet a Vault-Tec salesman who invites you to fill out a questionnaire. The questions include your name and seven other unique attributes.

Each attribute will affect a different aspect of your character in several ways. Therefore, several adjustments are essential at the early stage.

Locksmith, science, and hacker are worth checking out. However, the characterization is not final and can be reviewed later.

Decent-looking characters take a significant amount of time to build. However, the game allows the undoing of features that will enable you to navigate through possible tweaks easily.

8. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Character creation in Dragon Age starts with the molding of facial features. Next, the race and sex options are the following choices on board.

Finally, players have to select a class for their character. Classes will offer different specializations. The basic class divisions for characters in this game are rogue, warrior, and mage.

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The game offers a point reward system that can be used to alter characters. This allows for character changes much later on in the campaign.

Dragon Age: Inquisition characters are also based on a difficulty level set. Changing the difficulty may lead to point deductions.

9. Final Fantasy XV: Comrades

Final Fantasy XV was an instant hit when it was released. The game has amazing avatars that can be adapted or altered.

The game has made it hard for players to create an unpleasant character. The attire, figure, and voice features are uniquely crafted to satisfaction.

The game developers have also provided premium tools that can be used to develop familiar faces. In addition, the attention to detail in character creation is impressive.

Features such as tattoos can give players personality. More attributes and characteristics become available as players progress.

For example, you may be able to collect glasses that may revolutionize your look.

10. Black Desert Online

Limb proportion and face sculpting are some of the unique creation features in Black Desert Online. In addition, the game departs from traditional character development.

Instead of focusing on a massive inventory of costumes, the game allows you to make fine adjustments to your avatar’s physical features.

Micro details such as eye color and hair type have been given emphasis. The result of these features is always bold-looking characters.

As one of the best PS4 games with character creation, the personalities are brought to life with stunning game graphics. In addition, black Desert Online offers gender-locked characters which can be edited to players liking.

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