What is Facebook app manager and should you disable it?

Tim Vickers

The Facebook app manager is part of the Facebook APK files, and its work is to improve user experience. It works not only on Facebook but also on other Meta apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

You are likely to see com.facebook.appmanager running in the background if you are using an Android device. The app mostly runs when Meta apps are open, but it can also run in the background when Meta apps are not active.

Is the Facebook app manager useful?

The Facebook app manager keeps Meta apps up to date, enables you to access the apps without any issues, and also collects information that can help Facebook to provide a better user experience.

Have you ever wondered how you received an ad on Facebook for something that you searched for on Google a few days or hours before? That is the work of the Facebook app manager.

Facebook app manager
The Facebook app manager

It personalizes the advertisements, videos, menu on the home page, friend suggestions, and essentially everything else you see when using the app.

Facebook app manager can also prevent the Facebook app from crashing. By sending real-time usage data, it is able to detect bugs and other issues and fix them before they affect the apps.

So, put simply, you might not necessarily need the Facebook app manager on your phone, but for the proper functioning of any Facebook service apps you are using, then it plays an important role.

Should I disable Facebook app manager?

Whether or not you should disable the Facebook app manager depends on what you wish to achieve. For example, if you feel the app takes up your precious storage space, shares your info, or keeps running in the background even when you don’t need it, you can disable it.

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But it is worth noting that when you disable the app, you will not enjoy automatic updates or the other features it provides. Besides, Meta apps may crash once in a while.

How do I disable Facebook app manager?

If you wish to disable Facebook app manager, follow the steps we’ve outlined here. Basically, there are three methods you can use to delete the app. I’ve explained them in detail.

1. By Uninstalling Facebook

The easiest way to get rid of Facebook app manager is to uninstall Facebook and its related apps. Of course, this is assuming that you don’t use Facebook and other apps.

For this method:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Select Facebook.
  • Tap Uninstall.
  • Select OK in the prompt that appears.
Uninstall Facebook on Android phone
Uninstalling Facebook from an Android phone

You might have to do the same with other Meta apps.

Note that if you still want to use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other apps by Meta, then this isn’t the ideal method.

2. Using Root Neede or any other system app remover

Root Neede is a system app remover that can help you uninstall apps that come preinstalled on your Android phone. You can view all the apps on your phone and select what you wish to uninstall in just a few simple steps.

Follow these steps to uninstall the Facebook app manager using Root Neede:

  • Download Root Neede from the Google App Store and install it on your phone.
  • Launch the app and go to System apps
  • Select the com.facebook.appmanager (sometimes it appears as Facebook app manager).
  • Tap Delete
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Root Neede app uninstaller
Root Neede app uninstaller

Note: This method requires root permissions for it to work. You should understand what it actually entails before granting third-party apps permission to alter important files on your Android device.

You should be able to get rid of com.facebook.appmanager using any of these two methods. While at it, make sure to understand the impacts of removing the files before you proceed.

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