What do the beans do in Among Us?

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Among Us is a multiplayer video game with straightforward gameplay. It pits together Crewmates and Impostors.

Crewmates must identify and vote out Impostors or complete all the tasks around a map. On the other hand, Impostors must covertly sabotage the mission by killing the Crewmates before completing their tasks.

However, throughout that process, one must use currencies, including Pods and Beans. But what do the beans do in Among Us?

Beans are the in-game currency of Among Us. They allow players to buy in-game content, such as new cosmetic items.

You can earn Beans when you join an Among Us match and complete it. If you have enough, you can go to the store and trade them for anything worth the value you received.

You can purchase many items, including Airship, Treat, Trick, or Polus Cosmicubes.

How many beans do you need in Among Us?    

The number of Beans you need in Among Us will depend on the item you want to purchase. For example, two skins cost two Beans.

If you wish to get 77 hats, you must part way with 250 Beans.

Treat Cosmicube has 27 items. Therefore, you will have to spend 2,600 to get all items in Treat Cosmicube.

The price for 48 items in the Polus Cosmicube is 3,000 Beans.

How to get beans in Among Us 

You can get Beans in Among Us using different methods. However, the simplest way of getting the currency is to play the game from start to finish.

It does not matter whether you win the game or lose. The game will reward you with several Beans you can trade for cosmetic items.

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How to use beans in Among Us mobile

The only place to use Beans is in the Among Us store.

Here is what to do:

  • Click on the $ (dollar) sign below the primary menu screen
  • Enter the Among Us shop
  • Click on the four-colored button to access Cosmicubes.
  • Select Cosmicubes and purchase them.

You must have enough Beans to purchase any item in the Among Us store.

Among Us game

How to trade beans for cosmicubes in Among Us

You can trade Beans for cosmicubes in the Among Us store.  However, you can only get Cosmicubes if you have enough Pods.

So here is what you should do:

  • Play the games in Among Us from start to finish to earn Beans. Depending on the number you get, you will notice that all the branching paths to the Cosmicubes have one associated number.
  • Unlock the path by spending Pods. You only get Pods while playing the game.
  • Purchase a Cosmicube. This option will activate your Pods.
  • You can now collect your Pods.
  • Use the Pods to unlock more items in the Cosmicube you purchased.

After buying the cosmicubes, you will have to activate them first. Understand that after trading Beans for Cosmicubes, you cannot use the Beans anymore.

What are Mira pods used for in Among Us?

Pods work the same way as Beans. They are a currency in Among Us. But unlike Beans, you can use Pods to buy cosmetics within Cosmicubes.

That is because cosmic cubes in Among Us use a specific type of Pod themed around its contents. Therefore, regardless of the number of Pods you have, you cannot use them to purchase other Cosmicubes.

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Once you use a Pod for one Cosmicube, it will not be compatible with another Cosmicube. Unfortunately, that also means you cannot transfer between them.

You must activate your Cosmicube to receive Pods, which you will earn after every round of gameplay.

So, if you have the MIRA Pods, you can only use them to get the MIRA Cosmicube. The Cosmicube will have cosmetics related to MIRA.

The MIRA Pods are free, and you get them automatically in your wardrobe as you play the game.

Are Among Us characters Beans?

Beans are a form of currency in Among Us. However, most characters in the game look like beans.

You can use Beans for trading cosmetic items in the game. The best way of getting them is to play the game from start to finish.

An advantage is that you can earn the currency whether you win or lose a game.

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