3 ways to get cosmicubes in Among Us and uses

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Among Us has at least nine Cosmicubes in the game. Each Cosmicube has cosmetic items that players can use for different purposes.

Also known as cosmetic cubes, the game lays them out like a roadmap of branching paths. Therefore, a gamer must obtain the Cosmicubes in the order in which they appear on their designated path.

However, the game locks all Cosmicubes, meaning a player must first determine how to obtain and unlock them.

A gamer can get free cosmic cubes in Among Us through a Cosmicube-specific Pod. In other words, you must play the game continuously to earn Pods.

You will get the Pods whether you win or lose a game. Once you win the Pods, it will be easier for you to acquire Cosmicubes.

However, you can also purchase Cosmicubes. The purchase can only happen if you have enough Beans.

How to get Cosmicubes in Among Us

You can get Cosmicubes in Among Us using different methods.

1. Purchase

You can purchase Cosmicubes in the Among Us Store. However, you require enough Beans to buy the Comsicubes.

The best way of getting Beans is to play the game from the beginning to the end. Then, among Us will give you the Beans for free whether you win or lose.

Alternatively, you can purchase them using Stars. Stars are the premium currency of Among Us. The only way of getting Stars is to buy them using the dollar (real) currency.

Among Us game

2. Get them for free

Among Us gives players the MIRA Cosmicube for free.

You can activate it in the Shop.

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3. Promotions

In some cases, Among Us offers promotional Cosmicubes to all players. The items on promotion are available through a redeemable code.

However, they are rare to get and come during special events.

How to unlock cosmicubes

If you have enough Beans or Stars, do the following:

  • Go to the Among Us Shop
  • Go to the Cosmicubes Tab
  • Purchase a Cosmicube
  • Activate the Cosmicube to get Pods
  • Before you start the game, tap on Activate

If you cannot purchase a Cosmicube, consider the MIRA Cosmicube. The MIRA Cosmicube is free for all players. You can unlock it directly in the Shop.

How to use Comsicubes

After unlocking your Cosmicubes, the next step is to use them. Generally, Cosmicubes give you the pathway for a list of cosmetic items.

Each Cosmicube has a cosmetic item you can unlock using a specific Pod. You get the Pods when playing the game.

So, if you have the MIRA Cosmicube, activate it at the beginning of the game to unlock it.

If you have activated the Cosmicube, you can return to the game and start playing it. That will activate the Pods related to the Cosmicube. Then, you can use the Pods to unlock the contents of the branches.

Wrapping up

You can get Cosmicubes in Among Us in three ways. First, you can get them free through the MIRA Cosmicube in the Among Us Store.

Alternatively, you can purchase them using Beans or Stars. Finally, Among Us offers promotional Cosmicubes to all players.

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