What does ‘unemployment claim is under review’ mean?

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The employment claim refers to a request for cash benefits from the government by unintentionally unemployed workers. The benefits are paid to eligible workers depending on their past wages.

Also known as the unemployment insurance claim or unemployment compensation claim, the unemployment benefits program is available through each state’s unemployment agency.

Here’s a list of unemployment agencies for all states.

To qualify for unemployment insurance benefits, you must file a claim with the relevant agency.

You can make the application online, in person, or over the phone based on the rules in your state of residence. 

You will need your former employment details, contact information, and social security number to initiate the process.

Once you file a claim, the state unemployment agency reviews it to determine if you are eligible for the benefits.

For instance, you must be able to prove that you were laid off and are actively seeking alternative employment.

The application passes through various stages before approval, and the process can take a few weeks to complete.

This article focuses on the review stage.

What does claim status under review mean?

When your unemployment claim is under review, it means that the agency has received your request and is validating the information you provided.

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After receiving your application, the state unemployment agency goes through it and collects additional information as deemed necessary.

Issues such as missing information, employer protest, and multi-state claims are identified and resolved during this stage.

An investigator from the agency may contact you and ask various questions to verify your employment and identity information.

If the findings indicate that you are eligible for the benefits, your dues will be calculated and disbursed accordingly.

During the review process, the agency may also contact your employer to confirm a few details. Such details include the tenure, earnings, and why you were laid off.  

If the employer contests your claim or indicates that you were fired for misconduct, the agency will spend more time assessing availed proof to determine who is telling the truth.

The agency may probe you further if there is any controversial provision from your former employer. The interview process can last between 4-6 weeks from the date the agency noticed an issue with your claim.

You will get notified about the date and time of the interview through email or phone call.

Other eligibility factors that the agency may consider are:

  • Partial or complete unemployment of the applicant
  • Have a minimum amount of wages earned within the base period
  • Must be physically able to work

You will get informed in case your claim has been denied, and the reasons why.

How long will it take for my unemployment claim to be approved?

There is no specific duration requirement for the state unemployment agency to decide on your claim.

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The timeframe can be shorter or longer, depending on the number and complexity of cases being handled at the time.

Typically, if you provide all the information required during the claim application and there are no issues with it, you should get your first payment within two or three weeks.

If there is a problem with your form, a disagreement with your employer, or conflicting earnings information, the process will drag.

The review phase also varies based on the state, as some states report higher unemployment cases than others.

To speed up the process, be sure to complete the claim form thoroughly and provide any additional information as soon as the agency requests it.

How to know if your unemployment claim went through

You can check the status of your unemployment insurance claim online or by calling the relevant unemployment agency.

Some states have online claim systems that provide real-time updates on workers’ claims.

Your claim is successful if the status appears as “processed”. That means it has been successful and you will soon receive a notification in your email.

You can also receive status information via the Voice Response System. Just dial in, select the Claims and Benefits option and provide your SSN and PIN to get the information.

When your employment claim is under review, the outcome is yet to be determined, so you should be patient and wait for communication from the relevant agency.

If your identity cannot be verified from the claim form, you may be requested to provide additional documentation as proof.

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